Ghana hosts its first Hive meetup in 2023.

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The @hive.ghana community has grown tremendously in terms of promoting hive throughout the nation. This has been affected by the numerous promotional activities that occurred in the preceding year. The majority of these events have assisted in bringing many new users into the hive ecosystem. Hive is working in Ghana and other areas of Africa to guarantee that the ecosystem receives the attention it requires. In doing so, we are assuring that hive encourages and empowers people all throughout the globe.

To that end, the hive Ghana community, coordinated by @mcsamm and @collinz, has agreed to launch a course to get things moving. This came following a meeting conducted by the community on Telegram at the end of the previous year. The session drew a large number of hive ghana members who were eager to share their thoughts for improving the community.

We are thrilled to inform the global hive ecosystem about our next hive event in Ghana. It is said to have been the first official gathering to assemble all hivers in Ghana under one roof. We feel that teamwork has given birth to this choice by the whole community. All participants' efforts have contributed to guarantee that this special event achieves the desired result.


HiveGhana meetup

The HiveGhana meetup is currently scheduled for Saturday, January 28th, 2023, at two separate locations. Because the meetup is expected to help it connect many students at universities and colleges, it is being held at two prominent institutions in Ghana. The agreed-upon venues for the hive Ghana meeting are the University of Development Studies (UDS) in Tamale and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology(Kumasi).

That being said, we are dedicated to presenting the foundations of web3 to the students and staff at these institutions. We think that this will allow us to disseminate hive across the areas where these universities are located. Our advertising efforts are beneficial in inviting individuals who are eager to master new abilities and delve further into web3 technology. Universities seem to be an ideal target audience since most students are eager to learn such abilities.



The HiveGhana community has made enough arrangements to guarantee that these locations are ready to accommodate this promotional event for a successful meeting. Thank you to @depressedfuckup, @nattybongo, @med, and @awuahbenjamin for facilitating the preparations and planning at these locations to assure the success of our meeting. The whole HiveGhana community has also contributed significantly to this achievement. @anaman,@yawgh,@rubilu,@jimah1k,@yahuzah,@smariam,@nhaji01,@gunu1,@tiyumtaba,@abdul01,@shamsudeen13,@fredkese.

Furthermore, 50 hive shirts have been successfully printed and will be freely given to all members of the community who have shown an interest in attending the forthcoming event. 250 flyers and stickers have also been created to be distributed to students and anyone within our reach. Furthermore, hive-branded books are being prepared to assist share with students and the many individuals we want to reach with hive.

Each of these is promotional material being prepared for the planned meeting in Ghana this weekend. We are writing to inform you that the various halls and places for the gatherings have been reserved for our use. With the preparations completed so far, we are excited to share hive and web3 with the people of Ghana, particularly students at the selected Ghanaian universities, and reunite ourselves as a uniformed community for the great course.





 Printed materials for the HiveGhana meetup


We encourage all members of the HiveGhana community to continue their efforts to make this historic. Because there is so much more to be done with hive in Ghana, this event is encouraging everyone to attend in order to enhance lives by promoting the hive ecosystem.

Event: HiveGhana meetup
Date : 28th January 2023
Venue: KNUST(Kumasi) & UDS(Tamale), Ghana.
Purpose: Uniting Ghanaians to spread web3 and hive.


Composed and reported by @mcsamm


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All are invited to the upcoming meetup in Ghana.

I am really looking forward to meeting Kumasi Hivers on the blockchain on the 28th of January and i look forward to the opportunity to spread the word about hive to locals within our community. Proud to be on hive, and proud to be Ghanaian, thanks for this opportunity and i look forward to seeing everyone.

Thanks for your effort to make this happen.

The meeting is something I can’t miss

It will be good.

I want to use this opportunity to once again thank everyone that has worked effortlessly in making this come through. I believe this help a lot of people.

I’m pumped and ready for this event.

Great, let's do this.

The meetup will be the first of it’s kind in Ghana and definitely will be awesome. I’m glad we’re finally doing this. It shows our growth as a community even if the growth is slow. Strong may we stand🙌

Such a tremendous effort from you bro.

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You're welcome @@@mcsamm
We need your support too and are looking forward to getting your support for our proposal 🙂⏳
All you need to do is to click on the "support" button on this page: It won't cost you anything!

Great times ahead as we are about to witness our maiden meetup in Ghana that will be a great opportunity for all hivers to gather and share useful information which will help foster a strong Hive community. Additionally, it will be a perfect time for others to discover Hive and join us.

Thanks always bro.

We are hoping this meet up will inspire us to be more active and help grow our community

You have done a great job in making this happen.

We are making it great 🥳🥳🥳🥳💥

Thanks for the support too bro.

Wow this is going to be massive. First of its kind. Can’t wait.

We really cant wait to have you all on board.

Good job Ghana Hivers! Always cool to see the regional communities of Hive grow so strong and fast :) Keep up the good work!

@tipu curate

Thanks for your support.

Thanks for your support.

Wow this is really impressive, i wish we could have something like this in Nigeria, people like minded coming together and sensitizing people about Hive would be fun

Good job @hive.ghana

I think that’ll be easy to do in Nigeria. I know a lot of active Nigerians here and I’m sure they’ll be open to the idea of a Nigerian meetup. Maybe pitch the idea to your community(?)

Drop me an email, and I send you some info about a course that I was working last year on it. Got some interesting notes on it.

Wow, this is going to be lit occasion, can’t wait to be part of this meetup. Thanks to @mcsamm for organizing such a great occasion for us here in Ghana.

Your welcome to the world of revolution.