Weekly Engagement-WK 10: Join Us For A Week Filled With Exciting Activities

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Greetings to all and sundry,

It is another beautiful week and you already know how we do it. We are here once again to learn and share, to impact and promote the hive brand wherever we find ourselves and also add up to ourselves.

The week promises to be an exciting one and i do hope that you are excited about it as much as i am. Once again i would be looking forward to hearing your stories and experiences and i do hope that you enjoy the activities for the week. Without much ado, let's move to what we have for the week.


Who is Your Hive Role Model

In all aspects of our lives we have people we look up to, people who inspire us to want to achieve the very zenith where we wish to be, people whose advise mean the world for us in our niche and those that we would love to walk with towards attaining our dreams and aspirations.


This applies to every aspect of our lives and i believe on the blockchain too we have people that we look up to, those whose guidance and directives may have brought us where we are. For our activity for this week we want you to take about these individuals, highlight their touch on your blockchain lives and let us know what you learned from them that made you who you are today.


What would you do if you had 24hours to live

Yes, i know this sounds like a horror movies and some fiction fantasy movies somewhere, perhaps it is even a movie that we are yet to watch somewhere, but a lot of times we hold back on a lot of things in our lives because we believe we have time to do them or enough time to plan and achieve certain things.


image source

We hold back on telling those we love that we love them, we hold back on those fun travels, we hold back on a whole lot of things but then when it seems time has run out for us and we have nothing to loss we seem to be able to do the most unimaginable of things, we want to know those fantasies, tell us, what would you do if your clock had only 24 hours left on it.


What are your worst fears

It seems this week we are more less doing some dark fantasy netflix sequel, well that's not the case but then fear is a very powerful tool, it can cripple you from doing what ought to be done, it can haunt you on a daily and make your life a miserable one, it can really be disturbing however if one manages to face their fear then the sky seem to be within grasp.


image source

One step towards overcoming your fears is admitting those fear, acknowledging them and how deep they go for you, what you think could go wrong if those fears are to be realized and what you think you would have to do for yourself. Tell us your fears so we can face them together.


Same rules, just a little addition and amendment. Let's make sure we follow the rules:

All posts should have a word count ranging from 300 to 500 words. Our curators will be reviewing the content, so we encourage everyone to make an effort to meet this requirement.

This activity will remain active starting from now until the final day of this payout. Thus, we strongly encourage all participants to submit their entries before the last day.

All members of the Hive Ghana community are invited to take part by writing on ONE or THREE topics, each focusing on a topic that excites them and they would like to write about. If you are submitting THREE entries be sure to post on separate days, not on the same day.

Also let's all endeavour to visit others post and leave good comments

If you wish to participate in our weekly activity, please ensure that you subscribe to the Hive Ghana community.

In your post, kindly include the tags #Hiveghana and #Ghana to enhance its visibility and increase the chances of receiving post-curation. Please note that votes are not guaranteed.

Also, ensure that all your entries are creatively crafted, Please use your own images or photos. If you decide to utilize images from copyright-free sources, make sure to provide appropriate credit.. We eagerly anticipate receiving your entries and reading about what you must share.

You may join us on discord let's learn together.


As always the hiveghana community never disappoints, we are eager to participate. Do have a blessed week.

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Looking forward to your entry. Have a great week ahead.

This is awesome. It's will be my pleasure to drop my entries

wow very interesting topics. Cant wait to share

The topic are amazing

These interesting topics promise to bring forth great entries.

Wow, this is very interesting. Thank you for the opportunity

What a great prompt for the week
Let's go there!!

Hmmm, another interesting topic to write on.
Thanks for this prompt.

Those are nice topics to write about. Thanks for providing them.

Great prompts - even thought provoking. I am looking forward to participating.

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Nice topics to write about thanks for providing them. This is my entry


I'm just getting to see this but still I'll do well to write about it because these topics are interesting ones..