Weekly Engagement-WK 25: Join Us For A Week Filled With Exciting Activities

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Hello there,

Its a brand new week with new opportunities to do better and make a change in our lives and the world ar large. We hope you had a wonderful weeked and you’re lookinh forward to a new week.

We wish you a week full of excitement as always and we want to use this opportunity to encourage all to participate in this week's activity.

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We at Hive Ghana thank you all for your hard work and commitment and we want to encourage all members to keep up the good work on the blockchain and also keep pushing to achieve their goals both on and off the blockchain. We believe that you are amazing and are meant for bigger things so now is not the time to give up. Moving on to our activity for the week;

That One Life Hack

We all have that one thing we were once terrible at, or didn’t know. Life is all about surviving and making the best out of every moment. You know how they say moms are super heroes, I don’t disagree with that but I think everyone is a super hero in his own little way.

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This week, being the super hero that you are we want you to share with is that one life hack that saves you all the time. I bet this will be an opportunity for us to learn from one another and also have fun!

How Do You Deal With Boredom?

Never be bored, and you will never be boring." - Eleanor Roosevelt. There’s always that time in our lives where we are excited to be engaged and take part in any activity we come across. Then, there comes the time where boredom sets in and we don’t desire to engage in any activity whatsoever.

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We have all been bored in our lives at some point. How did you feel? What did you think was that cause and how did you deal with it. Share with us how you deal with boredom. I bet we all will pick a thing or two to keep us engaged in times like this.

Jokes, Pranks and Tricks!

I remember how I used to always fall for my friends April fools’ day pranks. We all have different personalities, some of us love to prank others while some of us are those that get pranked.

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One way or the other I’m sure we have falled for jokes and pranks of others and others have also fallen for ours. What jokes, pranks, or tricks have you fallen for? What jokes, pranks, or tricks have you played on someone else? Share those good memories with us this week lets have soke fun!😄

Same rules, let's make sure we follow the rules:

All posts should have a word count ranging from 400 to 500 words. Our curators will be looking over the content, so we would like everyone to try to meet this requirement.

This activity will remain active until Sunday, 26th of November. Thus, we strongly encourage all participants to submit their entries before the last day.

All Hive Ghana community members are invited to participate by writing on ONE, Two, or all THREE topics, each focusing on a topic that excites them and they would like to write about. If you are submitting THREE entries be sure to post on separate days, not the same day.

Also, let's all endeavor to visit others' posts and leave good comments

If you wish to participate in our weekly activity, please ensure that you subscribe to the Hive Ghana community.

In your post, could you include the tags #Hiveghana and #Ghana to enhance its visibility and increase the chances of receiving post-curation? Please note that votes are not guaranteed.

Also, ensure that all your entries are creatively crafted, Please use your own images or photos. If you decide to utilize images from copyright-free sources, make sure to provide appropriate credit.. We eagerly anticipate receiving your entries and reading about what you must share.

You may join us on discord let's learn together.


These topics are fun to write about

Nice weekly prompt

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Wonderful topics to write on

The topics are so interesting and I will write on one of the topics
Thanks to the admin and moderator.

The topics are interesting, I'm new here looking forward to join the family @hiveghana

Wow. Interesting topic for the week. Thanks so much for the prompts and platform to express ourselves freely.

Here is my entry

They are all interesting topics

WOW 😲! I love pranking people and I am sure to share some here.

Awesome topics here, I guess a topic captivated my interest here and I'll sure write on it

Here is my entry

Weekly Engagement-WK 25 Excited coping to remedy boredom and boring activities. https://peakd.com/hive-176874/@mdakash62/weekly-engagement-wk-25-excited-coping-to-remedy-boredom-and-boring-activities

Hello everyone, here is my link

And I have commented on other people’s posts as well.

oh i missed this post, but i am gonna start to write from today.