Weekly Engagement-WK 38: Join Us For A Week Filled With Exciting Activities

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Hello HiveGhana family,

The HiveGhana team welcomes you to a new week with fresh ideas and new accomplishments. We hope you had a great weekend and we look forward to having an exciting and engaging week with you.

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We at Hive Ghana wish to thank you all for your hard work and commitment throughout the year and we want to encourage all members to keep up the good work on the blockchain and also not give up on achieving their goals both on and off the blockchain. We believe that you are amazing and are meant for bigger things so now is not the time to give up.

This week, we bring you amazing writing prompts that are going to blow your mind. So, here we go!


Each day, we all come across different things in our line of work which may affect us positively or negatively. What advice would you give to someone out there who’s trying to do this life thing right. It may be work related advice or general life advice.

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As we all know, the use of anabolic steroids by athletes is highly illegal because the abuse of it can pose serious health risks to the individual. When we look into our fashion and beauty industry, it’s a whole new story.

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Now, let’s look at things from a different perspective. If athletes cannot use steroids, is it fair for models to use makeup and photoshop?


There are so many sounds in this world we live in. Some which we are attracted to and are soothing to the ears , like music for instance and others which irritate us.

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This week, we want you to tell us what sound irritates you most in your whole life.

Same rules, let's make sure we follow the rules:

All post links should be dropped in the HiveGhana discord post promotion channel and not in the weekly engagement post comment session. Before putting your post link in the post promotion channel, lets all endeavour to engage on other posts in the community to boost our engagement in the community and on the blockchain.

All posts should have a word count ranging from 450 to 500 words. Our curators will be looking over the content, so we would like everyone to try to meet this requirement.

This activity will remain active until Sunday, 25th of February. Thus, we strongly encourage all participants to submit their entries before the last day.

All Hive Ghana community members are invited to participate by writing on ONE, Two, or all THREE topics, each focusing on a topic that excites them and they would like to write about. If you are submitting THREE entries be sure to post on separate days, not the same day.

Also, let's all endeavor to visit others' posts and leave good comments

If you wish to participate in our weekly activity, please ensure that you subscribe to the Hive Ghana community.

In your post, could you include the tags #Hiveghana and #Ghana to enhance its visibility and increase the chances of receiving post-curation? Please note that votes are not guaranteed.

Also, ensure that all your entries are creatively crafted, Please use your own images or photos. If you decide to utilize images from copyright-free sources, make sure to provide appropriate credit.. We eagerly anticipate receiving your entries and reading about what you must share.

You may join us on discord let's learn together.


My mind is blown. These are all juicy prompts. It's another amazing week to write and have fun.

Great topic let get the ground crack💪💪💪

Interesting topics
Can’t wait to learn and unlearn from people’s entries

Wow mind blowing topics, okay my entry is loading as usual.

Something needs to be done about the discord link which isn't working.

Interesting prompts
Wish to read all the entries

Quite an interesting topic this week! I already have a lot to talk about on the first two, the last one will need a lot of thinking 😅

Very educative prompt...
Hopefully we learn one or two things from each other

Interesting topics, these are lovely, I can't wait to share my idea on any of these topics

Inciting as always. A lot to learn from people's entry

I really love this amazing topics ,let's go there !!!

Amazing prompt
Let's get to it

Very interesting. We are moving again for the new week.

Topics that relates to our health and wellness are so relatable. All three are awesome.

Interesting topics, I'd try my hands on them . Thank you for creating this opportunity on the Blockchain

Thank you very much for providing this wonderful and lively unknown information. Along with that, I give respect and love to all the winners present here. God is always great. Our Lord's contribution to creating various skills within us is immense. I always show respect and love to all of you for this great skill. Also, I love you from the bottom of my heart for your hard work to take the platform to the top.

The link to the discord is expired

I can't find the link to the discord,
Please can you help me with it

Interesting topics to write on this week

Interesting and mind blowing prompt.

Hello @hive.ghana I tried joining the discord channel but the invite link has expired. How do I go about it?

Thank you @hive.ghana for the opportunity to share my own advice