Weekly Engagement-WK 45: Join Us For A Week Filled With Exciting Activities

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Greetings HiveGhana family,

The HiveGhana team welcomes you to a new week with fresh ideas and new accomplishments. We hope you had a great weekend and we look forward to having an exciting and engaging week with you.

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We at Hive Ghana wish to thank you all for your hard work and commitment so far and we want to encourage all members to keep up the good work on the blockchain and also not give up on achieving their goals both on and off the blockchain. We believe that you are amazing and are meant for bigger things so ,now is not the time to give up.

This week, we bring you amazing writing prompts that are going to blow your mind. So, here we go!


Life in itself is a school as we all know. Imagine you could go back and give your younger self some advice about navigating friendships. What are three things you'd tell your 20-year-old self or any age about friendship?

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This is a time to learn and share our ideas and experiences.


Do you consider yourself an early bird or a night owl? How does a typical day in your life look like? Share with us how your sleep schedule influences your energy levels, productivity, and overall mood.


Does your sleep schedule ever clash with the schedules of others? How do you manage these differences?.


Cleanliness they say is next to godliness. How would you describe your relationship with cleanliness? Do you find yourself constantly tidying, or do you embrace a more relaxed approach?


How does your environment reflect your personality? Does cleanliness impact your productivity, creativity, or sense of well-being?

Same rules, let's make sure we follow the rules:

All post links should be dropped in the HiveGhana discord post promotion channel and not in the weekly engagement post comment session. Before putting your post link in the post promotion channel, lets all endeavour to engage on other posts in the community to boost our engagement in the community and on the blockchain.

All posts should have a word count ranging from 450 to 500 words. Our curators will be looking over the content, so we would like everyone to try to meet this requirement.

This activity will remain active until Sunday, 14th of April. Thus, we strongly encourage all participants to submit their entries before the last day.

All Hive Ghana community members are invited to participate by writing on ONE, Two, or all THREE topics, each focusing on a topic that excites them and they would like to write about. If you are submitting THREE entries be sure to post on separate days, not the same day.

Also, let's all endeavor to visit others' posts and leave good comments

If you wish to participate in our weekly activity, please ensure that you subscribe to the Hive Ghana community.

In your post, could you include the tags #Hiveghana and #Ghana to enhance its visibility and increase the chances of receiving post-curation Please note that votes are not guaranteed.

Also, ensure that all your entries are creatively crafted. Please use your own images or photos. If you decide to utilize images from copyright-free sources, make sure to provide appropriate credit..

No AI generated content is allowed in the #HiveGhana community. If caught your post would be muted and you’d be banned from taking part in any activity in the community

We eagerly anticipate receiving your entries and reading about what you must share.

You may join us on discord let's learn together.


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congratulations to all winners. all rules and regulation with all information is very likely

That's nice

Great topics every week from the ever-gallant Admins. Thank you🤗🤗

Three wonderful topics

Lovely and exciting topics @hive.ghana. All interesting 🤔
Greetings to everyone ❤️.

Nice, I hope everyone is free and eligible to write on this topic? 🙂

Interesting topics to write on

This is a very interesting post

Hehe. All the topics are interesting and I would love to participate more than one topic. Unfortunately I am too late to participate to make more than 1 entry. Whatever I tried my best to make the one entry better.

Hello hive.ghana!

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