Christmas carol night and fun activities for my beloved students

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We are already coming to the end of the year at my place of service. Well, I serve in a football academy, which is also a normal school for boys only but is based on football. I'm serving there because I'm a sportsman, and that's one of the things I studied in school.



There have been a lot of activities so far, but then it's going to be the end of the year where there will be lots of fun activities and so on. Today is our Carol night for the students. They've been doing a lot of hard work all this time, so it would be nice to enjoy this time around.
Since I'm part of the officials, we must find all ways to make our students happy. This is because not all of them will travel home for Christmas carols. This is one of the reasons we must make them happy; we are in boarding school.
After which they had been given dinner at exactly 7 p.m. African time, we started the carol at 8 p.m., and we did lots of activities.
But before then, we group everyone into different houses, for instance. Matthew House, Noah, and so on. We grouped them according to some beautiful names in the Bible.



To make the activities fun, we make them competitive. And the winners have the highest point; there is room for first, second, and third positions. Also, there's a gift for all categories.
We started the competitions with arm wrestling. It was so challenging, and at the same time, seeing my students and how strong they are makes me really happy. The house will decide who will be their leader in each activity. You can see how happy the house that won looks in the video.

We move forward to the egg race competition, which is done by using spoons to pick eggs and then run with them. The implications here are that the eggs must not fall down; once they do, you are out of the race. It is so fun to see how careful and wise my students are.



In the food competition, we provided bread and drinks for all the houses. The first person to finish the bread and drinks wins the first positions like that until the third position. It was fun, and I don't even believe the first person to finish first. He looks slim, but he eats so fast.

first to sit down. This is another event we did after the food competition. We provided three sitting chairs and four participants. The point is for all of them to dance around the chairs, and once the music stops, they must be able to sit on the chairs. If you fail to do this, you will be out of the game. Before we can decide on the winners, they need to dance well and drag the chair among themselves. But at the end of the day, we were able to choose first, second, and third.



Racing competition. This is the last competition we did before we all started dancing. Since we are in a sports academy, we included the racing of the ball without the ball touching the ground as much as they could. We were able to pick the first, second, and third positions.



At this point, we have done lots of activities. And we are coming to the end of the program. We tell everyone to come and enjoy themselves by dancing away their sorrows.
We present gifts for all the winners, and then we share snacks for people to eat. I ate donuts and drinks. Then we call it a day.

All the pictures in the Post are mine

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Boss Man, always enjoys Quality time, I love the fact that you had great time with your students, such amazing memories

Thanks my brother, those children are so nice to be with even though they might be stubborn sometimes.

Rich kids everywhere... already doing Christmas carol in November..too much money, too much fun 😊
Enjoy while the stock lasts 🎉

No time to check time my dear sister 😂 thanks so much for stopping by. It means a lot.

Keep Looting everything 😌

Wow people have started Christmas carol already 😃 what am I missing.

Next time invite me to come and eat lols.

Seriously, this man knows how to enjoy 😇