Gratitude not only by words but by expression

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Good day people of this great community it is always a good time to engage with the weekly topics. I want to share with you what I'm thankful for.


Whenever you start to think of your growth,level, responsibility and achievement you realize that every bit our daily living is based on how we are gratified.

In a moment what do you think is gratitude.from the dictionary gratitude means the quality of being thankful; that's the readiness to show appreciation in return for kindness. It is a good thing to always give gratitude when needed even as a Christian there are lots of bible portions that talks about giving thanks unto the lord.

Firstly whenever people seem ungrateful to whatever they are supposed to it baffles me a lot because it cuts short a certain amount of supplies so a person who is offering help sees no reason to continue it.

Therefore I personally don't take gratitude for granted and I have many things to be thankful for especially as one who has not yet achieved my goals


At the moment I offer my gratitude to my parents because I know they say it is the responsibility of the parent to raise the child as the very first model but I see it as a sacrifice especially when it's led by love and tolerance and love love. Sometimes I have had some young people talk about their childhood traumas because of how they were brought up, people do grow up without having some necessary knowledge about life and how to go about it, it will be hard for these people to be happy thereby being an ingrate.

I'm also thankful for my brother which I'm currently based with sometimes I discover that I don't actually care about having to discuss some matters with him but he is always ready to roll with me anytime any day,having him in my life as an elder brother is a blessing and I can't hide it for any reason.

Sometimes we learn gratitude not by correction but by a deep sense of affection from the opposites parties

There are different types of gratitude, things like affective traits which have to do with a person's disposition. and it also comes as a mode, some people give thanks according to their modes and gratitude also takes place from people by emotions, I said this earlier.

   Nevertheless contentment matters a lot in the area of gratitude,when you consider yourself as a subordinate the is bound to be lack of gratitude.

This can be relatable because I have had this experience some time ago. It originates from having a low self esteem which no matter what you are being offered you don't consider it tangible.

So I'm always grateful for life and peace because without this you won't even know gratitude. I mean freedom in life is an opportunity because not all living things have freedom which comes with peace,at times it is not all about the money or the Fame but something as little as freedom helps us improve our daily lives.

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A well composed and structured write up.
Being grateful is a a special gift

Thanks bro i appreciate 🤝