Keep in mind investing in games has an extreme risk to it. Many people who start making a game never finish. Many set unrealistic goals in terms of scope, time frame, and cost. Some set off on what they think will be a 1-year project and it turns into 5 or 10 years as well.

I have turned down several private offers people have made to invest in the game I’m working on at the moment. I’m just too early into it and have set a release date around Q4 of 2023. While I hope to be done sooner than that I won’t be shocked if it takes that long and I end up trimming down some longer-term goals set in the project itself.

I do hope once people start posting about working on a game a couple of times a month that will create some kind of motivation for them to keep going. They won’t always get questions answered to the degree they want when they hit roadblocks. They will at least have a place to share about them and hopefully how they resolved them.

I thought my game was complete after a few months. I was ready to release it, then I learned to do some new stuff, held off on release and made the game even better. Now I'm 8 months in with no end in sight. :(

That has been known to happen for so many.

Best thing is to work out needs to be in game and you want it to be in game.

If you have not already I recommend you work out a roadmap with everything you need to be in the game and some kind of timeline to finish.

Anything extra can be future game updates for what you feel is not a need.

The game I’m working on I’m expecting to be done by Q4 of 2023. I worked out as much as I can in my roadmap. For the short term 6 months to a year I try and have exact details and dates. Beyond that I have loose ideas and timeframes that get updated when I can better dial them in.