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Awesome! I'm subscribing now. I am in the earliest stages of trying to develop my game (learning to code LOL) on here and it's great to have a community dedicated to this type of thing. I will be sure to post my ideas once I'm at a point where I feel confident I can put them into practice!


Awesome, I’m looking forward to reading about it.

Just starting out can be quite the crazy adventure.

Yeah it's fun and a little stressful but still a good time. Would a website-based game be something you think can run on Python? I know JavaScript and HTLM will be important but just curious your thoughts, thanks!

I have heard about python being used in some parts in web browser based games. I just don’t know enough about the topic to give an intelligent answer.

My own experience is from working on a PC game in Unreal Engine 4 and some exposure to C++.

Thunkgaria is pure python