No discord at this time. One will be made later once the community has grown and we can have some volunteers in there that have experience in making games to help answer questions.

Looking forward to reading about your game. I personally found many times posting about making a game got me to work more on it so I would have further content to share about the process.

When it does come time for a discord, if you need someone that has less game-dev experience but some solid writing and worldbuilding experience, hit me up. I'd gladly volunteer. I already am a senior moderator for a ~7.5k member worldbuilding discord so I have some experience at that end of things, and I do have some programming knowledge just not specific to gamedev sides of things.

Awesome I’ll keep it in mind. I do hope we end up with a few people with different expertise and world building is one of them.

It sounds like there are some already interested in that topic from the comments so far.

Come on it took more effort for you to open this community than it will be for you to open a simple Discord.

Which will allow us to connect have fun and really grow the community.

I'm willing to join in and help out because of course it would be amazing to have different games developers and community resource funding.

Let alone you and I could talk more and we can work about delegations and raising more investments to attract developers let alone grow our own...