While I suspect technical posts to have a small readership they do help those out working on a game.

In general, I believe if more people start talking about and showing what they are working on it will get more people excited and interested in things. Lots of fun things going on that many are just not talking about or are hard to find. Time for that to change!

It depends on what it is, graphics stuff definitely attracts the crowds but code just makes people run away even if you show the result. Been learning quite a bit about that side of my work and how to present it to the normies, I don't mind making posts just to help out other devs though I've gained a lot of knowledge over the years.

I can relate to code making people including myself want to run away sometimes.

That is why you lure them in with some shiny screenshots!

It’s also something I rarely show in the game I’m making. It’s an area I need to work on myself.