Floral Fury - Adding some stationary enemies

in Game Development2 months ago (edited)

Creatures of the Woods


A soul is reborn in the White Forest but at the edges of the woods the same nature that gave him life is threatening him. Why the poor soul wonder.

Haven't got many hours to work with this but had made to kind of enemies. A sprouting tree entity that shoot tree projectiles when the player come close enough and a living tentacle that wiphs around when it feels an unware prey.
Very proud of the first one as it works really well and the popping up and fallback down animation works as intended almost 90% of the time. For some reason I still haven't solved sometimes it dosen't do the full animation but I'm happy about it as it looks different from time to time and it's such an improvement since the struggle I had when it did the animation half of the time.

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The second one is still rough but the base code and object propeties are all working and ready to be duplicated to another kind of trap/stationary enemy. I'm not sold on the look but I just draw a sprite very quickly and then animated it.
In the video you can see the process of changing the hitbox to something readable and fair. In this next video you can see how frustrating can be when the hitbox is not working properly and can be misread leaving with frustration from the player.


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