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RE: Announcement | Game Development Community

This certainly looks interesting and will for sure be keeping an eye out for future developments. The game I'm helping work on (and the project I'm part of) is on a different blockchain but I've been told in the past that writing about it on here is also encouraged. Fingers crossed that's still the case.

When it comes to that game and most likely future games I'd be more focused on the Narrative Design aspect of a game. Currently doing some online courses that I may even take further after this pandemic. I suppose that would technically fit into World building/Storytelling so is it safe to assume that writers would also be welcomed into the community? It's a field I'd like to pursue and learn more about (as well as seeing games get developed in general which is pretty awesome) and maybe even get a few experiences from. 😊 But also, seeing folks build things like games from scratch is just fascinating.


As long as the storytelling is related to game development it would be welcome here. I feel that is quite an underappreciated aspect of development in general. Some games have a way with words that turn story arcs into an art form.

Games on other blockchains are more than welcome. Even non-blockchain games as well.

There are so many different aspects to a game I hope we get to see a wide range of different topics and things people are working on.