EPIC Sports Card Opening!!! Thanks to @jordand89

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Came home yesterday to a SWEET surprise! Fellow Hive user @jordand89 sent over some SICK sports cards of my favorite teams!!! Just an EPIC hook up and I can't thank him enough. Everyone go give him a follow and show him some love!!

Just countless cards of my favorite players. I don't wanna list them here since they're revealed in the video!

I don't even know what to say. Christmas in October baby! So special man.

Gonna grab some food, watch these UFC fights and make the Titans-Colts Preview video!!!

Probably gonna look at these cards again tonight, because why not!! Nothing beats a real genuine card to hold in your hand. What an amazing addition to my collection!!! These cards will be in my posession for life, hopefully they'll stay in my family beyond me!

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that is awesome.


SO Awesome!!! I know my audio is a bit low, but it gets better here and there throughout, especially as I get more excited LOL. Thanks man!


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This put a smile on my face and I probably enjoyed it as much as you did! I'm the same way about wanting cards for my team too and I'm a Vikings/Twins/Timberwolves fan so these cards didn't mean as much to me as they do to you. I know the stars like Bryce Harper and Derrick Henry, but you seemed to know almost all of them!

Most of the cards were from packs that I've opened over the last few years of collecting and aren't valuable enough to be worth the fees and time it takes to sell them.

Yesssss man these made me soooo happy, I am still enjoying just looking at them! Yeah selling can be a pain at times no doubt! Thanks once again, these will be in my possession for life!