Announcement Post for the Who am I? Giveaway Event to be hosted on the Neoxian City's Discord Server

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Greetings to everyone here on this great platform and special greetings to my lovely city members, I am overwhelmed and enthused to write and share this announcement post with you all again. As promised, it is almost time for our tenth GRAND NEOXAG giveaway event and this is happening live next week Friday. Please let's all try to use this opportunity to get down our questions before the said date so that the game runs smoothly without wasting much time.


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I know, that people might be thinking that it is going to be similar to what our game master @depressedfuckup used to run every two weeks, but no, trust me this is going to be something interesting and fun. This is different from his game in that it involves a giveaway where winners earn rewards for providing the correct answer to the question asked by the opponent.

As stated in my first announcement post this is going to be every month and for that, I bring to you guys another episode of my event and this is going to be the ninth time I am hosting this event.

Remember that this is the "Who am I?" event and all questions must strictly be based on Neoxian city discord channels and nothing outside of that would be accepted as a valid question.

What I meant by strictly Neoxian city discord channels is that it can be a question from the general channel, splinterlands channel, minetest channel, and so forth, but not anything from outside discord channel, like using the internet, etc. It should be something that has been discussed before or said in any of the channels on Discord.

As stated earlier, this event is a giveaway event and a Bonanza prize of 40,000 NEOXAG tokens would be used every month as the reward pool. Wow, guys, you can't afford to miss this august event. Detailed and comprehensive information about how this event would be taken is provided in the image below.

Please note that the number of rounds has been shortened to 8 rounds now, hence each round would comprise 5000 Neoxags.

Please kindly take your time and read the above information very carefully to understand how the event will be taking place. In addition to that, anyone who wins a round would not be eligible to enter the giveaway again, so rewards can be distributed to many participants. Also, the loser of a round would have to wait for two rounds before he/she can enter the giveaway again.

Rules of the Event


  1. Please let's be realistic and make it fun
  2. Remember to let your question come from only the channels on City's Discord
  3. Try to make your questions a bit moderate
  4. You have strictly 3 minutes to answer your opponent's question.

Date and Time for the event?


Venue: Neoxian City Discord Server

Date: 1st March, 2024.

Time: 8 PM UTC

Guys, you can't afford to miss this great upcoming event, I am thrilled to be your host. I would also like to say a big thank you to @neoxian for his generosity and kindness in giving me permission and the go-ahead to carry out this event on his Discord Server.

I am hoping for your usual cooperation and support in running this event.
I am looking forward to seeing you all there once again, have a great day everyone, and a happy weekend to you all. You can still join the discord server using the link provided here, it's never too late to join us. Neoxian City Discord Server.

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Interesting, I'm looking forward to another awesome experience via the game.

Wow, it's always a fun experience
I have marked my calendar
Well done my Abu 🤗

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@abu78! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @nkemakonam89. (1/5)

It's finally here. Very nice.

More grease to your elbows, man. I always enjoy the games.