Splinterlands Twitter Giveaway

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Ciao Steemians!

Splinterlands takes the field on Twitter!

The game token, the Dark Energy Crystals (DEC), have just been listed on trontrade.io.

On Twitter profile profile of the same exchange you can vote for your favorite emerging project.

To encourage users to vote, Splinterlands has created a very interesting giveaway initiative. Just post a screenshot of your Spt vote in the Official Telegram Channel and you could be drawn to win tokens!

This is how they will be divided:

1 place: 5,000 DEC
2 place: 3,000 DEC
3 place: 1,000 DEC
4 and 5 place: 500 DEC each

Good contest and the best of luck to you all!

May Splinterlands win!!!🤞🍀



Splinterlands scende in campo su Twitter!

I token del gioco, i Dark Energy Crystals, sono da poco stati listati su trontrade.io.

Sul profilo Twitter dello stesso exchange é possibile votare il proprio progetto preferito emergente.

Per incentivare gli utenti al voto per Splinterlands basterà postare uno screenshot sul Canale ufficiale telegram del proprio voto a loro favore e potreste essere sorteggiati per vincere dei token!

Ecco come verranno suddivisi:

1 posto: 5,000 DEC
2 posto: 3,000 DEC
3 posto: 1,000 DEC
4 e 5 posto: 500 DEC cadauno

Buon contest e in bocca al lupo a tutti!

Speriamo che Splinterlands vinca! 🤞🍀

Thanks for reading, a big hug and see you soon!

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Logo by @ryo-6414

Grazie per aver letto, un abbraccio ed a presto!

Logo by @ran.koree


Yeah, well done! Remember to put the screenshot on Splinterlands TG!😉✌️

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Done! Thank you for the heads-up!

You're welcome!😀✌️

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Awesome!!! We Have more prizes and contests for this twitter vote here-- 10 Untamed packs and potions! I VOTED FOR DEC Tournament for $21! https://steemit.com/hive-13323/@clove71/hkmigcyg

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Thanks for such a great post! ~ @clove71

10 Untamed packs giveaway for people who voted for DEC-