My day yesterday

Life can be so unpredictable so all you got to do is take care of yourself and your health. There is nothing beneficial when you waste away either by thinking or feeling like the problems of this world are resting on your shoulder. There has been problem before your existence and there will be after you are gone, so make your hay while the sun shine.

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What brought this on was that today I witnessed a scene where the person with pictures above boarded the train without a facial mask and was moving from chair to chair without any protection. He was moving up and down the train aisle and was touching every chair on his way. Not only this, he will also stop for a few minute to peep out and mumble to himself. At same time he will touch his face with the dirty finger, I guess he was taunting corona,

He was not well dressed though and from the first look, he looks like an homeless dude but still looking handsome in a rugged way. Why do people end up looking bad and sad? What is that thing that runs through people's mind and feel that the best thing to do is to act out of some sort. Why do we downplay mental health so much? I am quite scared of anything mental myself and this is due to my experience in Lagos Nigeria. The mentally deranged ones in Nigeria are called grade one mad people. They destroy when to be calm, and be calm when there is no need for it.

I also saw a guy climbing into the baggage section of the train to lay down without any reason, maybe for fun or he was trying to be destructive, I felt like slapping him because it really doesn't make sense what he was doing especially during this pandemic. One mus't be extra careful which is why we all must be careful while going on about our daily livelihood. Always take time out to go for medical check up, it's not for bad but to see if everything is cool deep within you.

Do not hesitate to reach out to people you feel are going through one thing or the other because a genuine 'hello, how are you' can change the course of a person's life. Mental health is crucial but unfortunately, the awareness is just starting to take off. Be kind always

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