The diet plan we all need..

This one thing is very common in everyone's resolution, every year- weight loss or a better diet plan. But we all know the number of successful people on this is very low. So, where is the gap? What makes us not to achieve our weight loss goal?



We first have to understand that our eating habit depends on many things. Like our culture, environment, biology, etc. It's not very easy to work on all these things. What we usually miss is, we take care of every other aspect and only focus on dieting. We inherit our food habit for many years, so it can't be left off overnight. Today or tomorrow we are gonna break our diet plan and may never gonna catch it again. This thing happens every time!

So, what we can do instead?

  • Don't change too much at once. Like from dieting to going to the gym. Take some baby steps. Like start with freehand exercise, get rid of a few bad habits regarding food.

  • Work on changing your environment. It's not possible to control yourself if someone else is having our favorite food in front of us. Also, the accessibility of junk unhealthy food is a big issue. So change a little bit. Like, carry your own food. If not always possible, then at least three days a week.

  • Focus on other things of life rather than focusing on your diet plan. You know, the more you will think about your dieting the more you will feel the craving of food. So, let's make your brain busy with other stuff.

Dieting and weight loss are not an overnight journey. Before making it a resolution, set these up and then try. You need lots of patience, courage, control over yourself and hard work to achieve your goal. So, taking care of these few steps can increase the motivation a lot.


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You're right: it's good to take baby steps. Toward what are we taking steps? What's a good diet? What are some steps we can take?