New Diesel Pool Created: BRO / NEOXAG

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New Diesel Pool Created: BRO / NEOXAG

Disclaimer: Invest with caution

Tokens like Bro and Neoxag can lose value. Impermanent loss is a thing. Diesel pools could suffer bugs or hacks, please invest cautiously.

I have created a new diesel pool: Bro / Neoxag

Whilst browsing all the pools in Tribaldex, I noticed that BRO had no pool at all. Whaat? Bro needs a pool, so being a Bro myself I have created a pool for Bro, pairing it with my own Neoxag currency.

Congrats to BROs gaining their first pool!

Ray, or @raymondspeaks is a great guy and a nice guy. He is the leader of BRO, while also on my Tribe Team, and being the Editor for the Neoxian City paper, so we are already working together. I thought this pool fits, and is a symbol of cooperation between two great tokens.

I have provided liquidity (along with Ray) to this pool, and I have a funded distribution contract that will reward anyone who chooses to add liquidity to this pool. I funded the reward with a nice juicy 500 hive.

What is Bro?

BRO is the token of Bro Central, or the Man Cave. A project started by @raymondspeaks. The BRO can get you delicious dividends from various projects they invest in, as well a vote from Bro-fi voter. Holding 1000 BRO makes you a "Dragon" on their server, which gives you a bit of clout to help guide the project.

What is Neoxag?

Neoxag (or Neoxian Silver) is the token of my Tribe, a general purpose Proof of Brain forum that can be accessed via or just using the tag neoxian on other front ends. It can be staked for voting power on this forum, and has various other uses in my city and city chat.

If you want to check out this pool, or other great pools, be sure to visit

Happy Bro-ing!

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We've been working together for years. It makes sense :) - Neoxian City is one of my favourite places to hang

WOWOW, Its really a great news...
I already added to this pool, I am Neoxian citizen, so I have to be in there quickly...

Thanks Mr. Dragon 💪 and Mr. Bro 💪

Have a wonderful day!

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I've pooled 50Hive of NEOXAG/BRO and own 6% of the pool with that. Pretty exciting, I'm very early.

Did you guys think about NEOXAG & BRO pool rewards? Makes compounding somewhat possible, people love that.

aha, this really great sir, BRO, and NEOXAG pool. 🎉
Added a little amount to the pool and will add more soon 🤩

!giphy wow


We hope that this union will be very beneficial for everyone, and that we can get the maximum benefit possible from all our tokens in the second layer of Hive.

Will try adding to this pool. Not aware of BRO token, definitely interesting, the price of BRO is also very stable and high. Thank you.

added some liquidity to the pool this evening


the truth is that they are already working together and it is a good option to join and create that pool of rewards for both BRO and Neoxag. Is there a limit to entering liquidity into that pool

 2 years ago  

No limits, other then what bro and neoxag you can put in.

it's good that there are no limits and we can enter our coins in the pool

This is really great news I'm going there straight to see what the pool will offer.

Thanks for sharing

Great news for the Neoxian Citzens

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This is really nice and I appreciate every part of it.

Great achievement NeoxBro!!!
Thank you for the detailed info Mr. D

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This is a great work, Bro and Neoxag coming together, great news of day, seeing the expansion of Neoxag make the city tribe strong and outstanding, well done on this great adventure.

We rise ✌️

This is great, I've got some BRO and NEOXIAN seating in my HE its time they get busy!

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Definitely going to get a piece. One question though, will the BRO in the pool still count towards the BRO-divs handed out?

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 2 years ago  

Right now they don't, unless Bala can change the code and allow for that.

Not a big deal one way or the other since I can't add too much in there at this point. I had some liquid NEOXAG but most of it is either powered up or locked in the NEO/NEOXAG pool. I threw $25 in to start though so...I'm on the board. :-)

Congratulations to bro having pool
This is a great development

Awesome this is really cool

Great news.
I will surely going to use the pool.

Ray wrote this.. Neoxian doesn't say whilst LOL

I'll be adding more liquidity.. of course I have to with the roots in Neox

 2 years ago  

Naw I wrote it, just felt in a whilst mood.

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Wow! I can't wait for this

You are doing a good job.