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This post contains two contracts.

The Bank of Neoxian shall loan the sum of 2500 usd to @xawi. She promises to repay 2675 usd. She shall pay 500 usd per month until 2675 usd is paid. First payment shall be August 10th, 2021.

Client shall repay using some major crypto the Bank accepts (including BTC, ETH, Hive)

Coingecko shall be used to determine prices.

Also, client agrees to cover any transaction fee cost.

@xawi shall offer up the following cards as collateral:

kobold miner - G1-3-224B50kGU8   - 20$
magnor       - G4-166-N3S1ZL7YPC - 440$
lir          - G4-254-OT07D6RZMO - 180$
poseidon     - G5-263-OC75RFL7TS - 247$
druid grog   - G3-249-9FD8K0XEJK - 138$
llama        - G4-278-GTMJ3FOQ4W - 388$
Darius       - G4-155-8DSTT61L7K - 96$
Darius       - G4-155-J1Z6K1D64W - 96$
Corrupted Peg- G2-125-YJNHSW9FGG - 360$
Mimosa       - G4-235-8P63LMTU34 - 185$
Mimosa       - G4-235-EFPABB0PKG - 185$
Camila       - G4-200-JCNRE8ZVHS - 166$
dragon jumper- G4-203-GIRCXT6834 - 118$
diamond drag - G4-210-8F9889UK1S - 88$

Cards will be delegated to borrower for the duration of the loan while the loan is being paid back in good faith. Upon successful completion of the loan, these cards shall be returned.

The Bank of Neoxian shall loan the sum of 1728 hive to Renny . He promises to repay 2072 hive in 2 months time.

Renny shall offer up the account @celfmagazine as collateral for this loan.

Renny shall hereafter be known as the lendee…
To insure payment of this loan, the lendee promises to hand over their Owner key(s) to the bank. The bank will give back new posting keys to the lendee. The lendee affirms that the owner key(s) are given voluntarily and their account(s) are not stolen. They promise not to initiate the Stolen account recovery procedure.
Lendee also consents to Bank changing the trustee if the Bank so chooses.
The Lendee promises not to power down the account(s) to the point where the collateral would be less than the owed value, or if it is necessary to powerdown to pay the loan, then the full powerdown should go to the bank.
The Lendee agrees this contract remains valid regardless of any flags this contract post might receive.
Owner key(s) will be returned upon successful completion of loan.

Please sign below…

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I agree and signed Sir

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Congrats @xawi , I hope you will make a profitable outcome for yourself.
Same goes for @rennyottolina

This looks interesting, can any user ask for a loan or only recognized users who know you?

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Anyone can ask I guess, but I've only been loaning to a fairly small group of trusted people.

congrats on the loan xawi


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Hello neoxian, I just wanted to tell you that the user rennyottolina aka joedukeg to whom you gave a loan stole my celfmagazine account after I had bought it from him for about $1k in BTC. You're supponting a Scammer

I'm now usign the account @celf.magazine to continue with the project after he stole the account using the owner key he never gave to me.

These are some of the posts about the situation:

He wrote this one after he stole the account, and I edit it adding all the info about the process

Then he post this

After all that I create the new account celf.magazine and posted the info about it

The project relaunch

He is using you to clean his path

 3 years ago  

Yes we have since spoke in private.

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