Is there any benefit to our thinking carefully?

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Although there are times in our life that we need to think quickly, simply thinking slowly brings us better benefits, it is amazing to see how some people take shortcuts to avoid thinking thoroughly and skip the time that this deserves.

When we think fast to some problem, it does not give us time to think about solving the problem under different alternatives and points of view, so everything is limited to have to consider only one alternative, the bad thing is that if that alternative fails, then we are left without a second plan.

If our time is not limited, but we still think quickly, we must keep in mind that with a very limited time it is almost impossible for us to think about the consequences that derive from being able to execute some action derived from that thought in which we have dedicated very little time.

On the contrary, when we dedicate time to think well and carefully what we can execute for the solutions to our problems, we will have so many aspects to take into account as for example to be able to have second plans in case some error arises in our plan of action.

The important thing is the environment in which we are going to raise our thinking, because if we identify an environment where it is necessary to think fast, then the most appropriate is to think quickly. However, if on the other hand we are aware due to previous experiences that we must solve a problem by thinking carefully about how to solve it, then why take shortcuts if we know that we must take the necessary time to think and take into consideration the different aspects that involve the application of a thorough thought.