What value should we place on raising our children?

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The first years in the upbringing of our children is fundamental to forge the character and personality that they will have in the course of their lives.

There is not a unique way to raise our children, culture is present in the upbringing since the way of upbringing is inherited from our family ancestors, so the best way of upbringing would be the one we consider correct for our children as long as everything goes well and without problems, however for each problem that we are presenting in the upbringing that we are executing must be subject to changes that help our children can behave according to the standards established within our society.

In conclusion we must know that in the upbringing and education of our children we must leave an open field of possibilities that allow the interaction of the outside of us with the way we are interacting to give the best to our children regarding their upbringing and education.


I can't agree less, parents can bring up their children with ease if they teach by example and not words only.
Nice piece.