Songs for A New Age and LPUD

Monday was my birthday and it came with a sudden wave of tiredness 😂😭
Friends were joking that I was leaving my teen years and now turning into an adult, yet my body didn't seem to take the jibe as a joke and was intent on telling me times-a-ticking😂.
In the space of 3 days, I've nursed random bone or and muscle pains, headache and throbbing shoulders from the responsibilities it now carries😂.

I want to go back to my younger days😭😭😭

On Monday, I already had my story written so all I did was edit and I managed to post it.

I had initially thought of writing my LPUD post too but didn't have enough time nor strength for that.
Hence here it is...

Second Leo Power Up Day

I'm a fairly new user in #inleo and at such I'm just beginning to grow my $LEO stack.
After a reading a bit and a few experiments, I found the perfect organic way of growing it.
Hive Power delegations to the @leo.voter account helps bring in #leo.


This Leo is the powered up or staked on the 15th...


The now powered up Leo is delegated to @india-leo which brings in more $LEO..


With a 153.161 $LEO tokens delegated to @india-leo and 100 Hive Power delegated to @leo.voter, plus the Leo I get from posting and threading from the #inleo frontend the daily drip of leo is truly frequent and I can see myself quickly becoming a cup and part of the pride soon enough 🦁


As I mentioned in the earlier part of this post, I had clocked a new year, and thiz year as I had previously decided was the year I start shaping myself up in my image of a man.
Well, a man can be seen as different things both physically, mentally, psychologically and dare I say religiously.

Yet my vision for me being ever fluid and creative is still fixed, a man built over his values.
And since this is meant to be an extremely extremely late entry for #ttt by @ablaze.
What better way of explaining my vision for myself than using music.

These songs although are some which I have shared before, all from one of my favorite artist.


I like this song because it talks about a man's true definition of love.. of self love.
Growing up in a time when one can be easily influenced by different things, I truly want to be set apart and love myself, not in love with clubs nor girls who'll lead me into those clubs.
And if by chance I do come to love such thrills, I hope my love for myself would help me to be able to hate the things that I do love.

How Much A Dollar Cost

When I first heard this song, I was enthralled. It inspired me to make a story which has the same name.

Hopefully no copywrite issues would come of it😂😂

Growing up, I'd try to be able to give.
Giving in itself is a very tricky thing to do, especially now that there are people who likes to just keep on taking and taking.
The Giver Never Lacks is no longer a saying that has value anymore.

The value may have been given away too :/

Regardless, I do hope that I'll be able to keep giving, and pray that the day I may not be able to, or the day I don't feel up to, isn't the day that Jesus is the one asking.


This is a very sober song when compared to the other 2.
Well for one, it's not a rap song.
I decided on this due to the fact that I'm the only son in a family of girls.
Planning for the future, one has to know when to make decisions that'll help the general public, and has to live knowing that he/she can't please everybody, and would be hated for that.

Heavy is the head that chose to wear the crown.

This song is one that deeply conveys that saying, so much that the saying is in the song itself.

So this is my three posts compilation.
Still a bit tired so I'll do my curations and reply pending comments a bit later.
Thank you all for a wonderful year on hive🤩✨🔥


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Happy belated birthday! 🥳


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Happy Birthday (even if with a bit of delay)!

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A father was washing his car with his son
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