Learning to Drive a Tractor: Key Parts and Safety Tips from Farm Enterprise Day.

Yesterday I was at the tractor driving enterprise, where we were taught how to drive a tractor and also some maintenance and parts of the tractor. The event was supposed to start by 8:00 a.m., but the anchor came a bit late, so we had to wait. At the time you came, time was almost up, and we hadn't known anything about the tractor, so he had to explain some things and show us the way It was driven, the safety precautions and the maintenance. After he was done with all these, there was no time again for us to drive the tractor, and it was then scheduled for today.


But today, I will be talking about the tractor and some of the parts that we were taught. The name of the tractor is JX75T. This tractor has a lot of uses for which it is used for. Normally, tractors are of different types, but this one is a multipurpose tractor that has a bigger tyre from the back, which allows the lifting of heavy loads, and a smaller tyre in front of it. From the back, it has a different bar used for attaching devices like the plough, Ridger and many others to work on the farm.


Some of the parts of the tractor discussed are;
1. Three-point hitch: The three-point hitch is the most common mechanism for attaching implements to the back of tractors, especially for agricultural purposes. It consists of three linkage points: two lower arms on either side and a top link, which allows the implements attached to it to be able to move up and down. This allows the device attached to the tractor to be able to carry heavy farm produce or do heavy-duty jobs on the farm. To connect these devices to the tractor, we make use of hooks or iron pins to make it jointed.


2. Draw bar:This is a horizontal bar that is moved from the rear side of the tractor. And it is used to attach implements that don't require the three-point hitch's lifting and lowering capabilities, such as trailers or plows. This is used for jobs that are not heavy, and it will carry out this job perfectly well.



3. Gear switch: This tractor has two types of gear switches. The first is for the low working capacity, and the other one is for the high working capacity. And the other gear switch is the main gear selector, which has five gear switches and also a reverse, which allows the tractor to move backwards.



We have the oil filter, the steering wheel, the speed calibration which has a max speed of 30km/h. Also, we were given some safer precautions, like not entering the tractor with loose clothing. You are advised to enter the tractor from the left-hand side and not the right. All these things I learned yesterday from farm enterprise day one, and today, which is day two, is promised to be a day to learn something new.



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