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Greeting Splinterlands Lovers

With less that 05 days in the season end, I am busting my ass to reach the top 40 on Leader Board in the Diamond League. But I continue facing bad ass players 😂 At the moment of writing, I am at my best Leader Board rating this season, 56. Just 50 more points and I am in top 40. But this won't be sufficient, with the season end I am gonna face nears more and more Kick ass players. I guess we will see, how it goes.
Apart from race for the leader board rating, we are getting decent dec rewards for our battles. Can't complain as far as dec rewards are concerned!!! But putting improved DEC earnings aside, I had like seven dry days of loot chest openings. But today I got lucky and pulled two legendaries and an untamed pack from my loot chests. And that is what I love about splinterlands, the most. With all odds against you and the ugly outlook, your luck can always shine out of the blue.
Here have a look:

26 sep loot.png

I have another news to share (Ahhh....almost forgot about it!!!). I will be joining hands with @flauwy to curate on the behalf of Monster Curator. So make sure to put some effort into your splinterlands posts and you will be rewarded. And also don't forget to use #spt tag. But, remember #spt is reserved for Splinterlands related stuff only, so we will also be downvoting the posts misusing the spt tags.


That will be all for now!!!

Good Luck For the Season🤞🤞🤞

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