Dcity fun with splinterlands

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Hello, Dcitizens,

It's been ages I made an update post about my Dcity. There are a lot of things happening in Dcity. And Dcity owner Gerber doing so many things to promote Dcity game. He is organizing Dcity tournaments and they are pretty cool and interesting.

Today I played one Dcity tournament where you had to lose in order to win some decent amount of decs. It was all about calculation. I joined that tournament with my two accounts, Xawi and ts-neoxian. Before sleeping I was making strategy how can I win more decs. Basically, a good prize was for positions 21 to 24. So i wanted to make sure my spots in between 21-24. When I started entering battles for the tournaments I realized I was pretty late. I didn't have much time. I was entering battles I had to win the first 5 battles. But what I was facing my opponents are fleeing :P XD I was like what the hell man My calculation is going to backfire. I won 5 battles I was entering battles and tournament timing got over.

Ts account finished at 19th place and my own account xawi at 11th place. My account won 2000 Decs and Ts 4545. I still think I was pretty good since some of my friends got nothing. I started my day with Dcity tournament and it was a great Joy.

So far my city performance


My city population is 461 and popularity is 137. My sim earning is pretty decent as well. I am getting 266 sims from the city and 96 sims from war profit. After every two days When i see I have 800 sims, I do purchase a new card with these sims. I also host events in my city. And when I host an event I get plenty of new people. So to maintain performance and my sim earning I do place extra immigrants on the market. I use a strategy over here. Yes, I place immigrants at 300 sims/ Immigrant. What does it do? People don't buy expensive immigrants when I Purchase new cards then I need some extra workers if I get a good card. That's where I go to the market and cancel the sell order of my immigrants as per my city demand. This is how I keep safe my immigrants and I get them back When I need. With this strategy, you don't need to buy new immigrants or worker for your city when you need to.

I am not investing anymore just multiplying the city money I get from dcity. It is really a very good passive income and you don't have to invest your time as well.

I hope everyone is doing great in their cities. All the best and good night

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