Happiness is when you open packs before going to bed

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I seriously don't know how people keep their packs and they don't open them. I just can't do that. If I have packs I don't feel comfortable until I open them :P XD. I got untamed packs from splinterlands. My account xawi was in the top 50. I got 10 untamed packs and 9 untamed packs from ts-neoxian.


I didn't have enough potions to open them so I had to purchase some potions in order t open my untamed packs. Well well, my opening of 19 packs is worth sharing this is why I decided to post them. I wanted to sleep so before sleeping opening packs has always been a fun part for me. When I saw I got some good cards thus decided to post.

I had only 35 Legendary and Alchemy potions each on my account xawi so I opened just 7 packs and got this.


Gold foil Epic out of seven packs is indeed cool. Now I was out of Potions and I didn't want to buy. I checked potions on my alt accounts. I had some potions on zawarrior so I opened five untamed packs on the zawarrior account. All common and just a few rare nothing special. Then I came back to my main account and purchased potions for the remaining packs and got this.



Rare gold foil and Zaku made my day. I have level 2 Zaku already and got another one. Now I only need 1 more to make it to level 3. So I can play gold leagues at least.

Analyze Pack Openings




13 packs 30USD

Burn value is 16420 decs which is 11 USD

Of course, I am not burning. Another great opening and I am super excited. That's all from my side now Good night see ya

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Thanks for sharing! - @rehan12

Sometimes I really wonder, how lucky you actually are lol 😜 congrats on Zaku btw.