Scavenger- The most epic ability of any monster

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Scavenger This week splinterland weekly challenge is scavenger ability and there are plenty of monsters with this ability.

There are so many rules where this ability helps a lot. Scavenger truly an amazing ability. I love screeching vulture common earth card just because that card has both my favourite abilities opportunity and scavenger. So if I play 10 battles/day then I must be using this ability 5 to 6 times I am very sure. In my next season report analysis, I will check which ability I have used the most :p

Where can we use this ability?

Well, you can use it in any rule but I avoid using it in the equalizer rule. I prefer to use this ability in noxious fumes because every time any monster dies it gets 1 max health which helps a lot in the Noxious fume rule. Most of the cards with scavenger ability have opportunity ability as well except Fiendish Harpy.

My battle using scavenger ability

Well. I didn't have to play any special battle for this challenge. I just went to my battlelog and picked my battle.


Xawi Vs Uwelang


Given Rules: Target practice and Lost magic.

Usually, in the lost magic ruleset, I go with life splinter but life splinter wasn't active I decided to go with Prince Rennyn. In lost magic, there are always two possibilities. Either your opponent will go with all melee attack or he will use ranged attack. Well If I know a bit then I was sure Uwelang will go with a ranged attack.

My Line-up

  • Prince Rennyn
  • Chain Golem
  • Onyx Sentinel
  • Cornealus
  • Screeching Vulture
  • swamp thing
  • spirit of the forest

  • Prince Rennyn. I used Prince rennyn to increase the range, HP and speed of my monsters.

  • Chain Golem I was given quite a big mana cap and also one of the rules was target practice where all the monsters get snipe ability except sneak attack monsters. So I used chain golem in the first position to deal with the monster my opponent placed in the first position.

  • Cornealus Cornealus is high mana legendary but it is the best card when it comes to counter ranged attack, magic and melee. It has all the required abilities.

  • screeching vulture I used screeching vulture in the 4th position. It does have scavenger ability also opportunity. In addition to that, it is just 3 mana monster with high speed. I love this monster so I use it more often.

  • swamp thing I used this monster to decrease the speed and Hp of my opponent team.

Last but not least I used Spirit of the forest. She protects, heals she is the best

I hope you enjoyed my battle. i will see y'all in my next challenge post see ya take care.

gif sp.gif


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Oh sound good to be candid scavenge is pretty awesome! Thanks for sharing you are doing well keep up the good works

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Thank you :)

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Yeah scavenge is pretty awesome!

Indeed I love this ability

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