Pros vs Cons of Resveratrol 🍷 Should Biohackers take it?

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Resveratrol is not quite a game-changing anti-aging "super supplement," as you may have been led to believe. The first thing that many of us ever heard about Resveratrol is that it's the special natural ingredient that makes red wine "healthy." It turns out that was mostly just marketing B*llsh!t, it's really not very healthy because red wine is high in toxins that tend to do more bad than the minimal Resveratrol content does good.
Contrary to what you may have been led to believe by 60 Minutes, CNN, and Dr. Oz, Resveratrol is NOT for everyone...

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I'll admit that I have since succumbed to the sweet sulfuric nectar of the gods 🍷 red wine is my (sometimes daily) Resveratrol source! Also, red wine contains Pterostilbene which has a more potent anti-aging effect - that's the sirtuin-supporting supplement I'd take (along with NMN). Learn more about it here ➡️