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You are what you eat. You must be a phone since it's stuck on your body most of the time. This page is devoted to giving you the best of the best when it comes to health. There is so much I want to say that I don't really have time to get to right now.

But the biggest thing you need to know right now regarding HEALTH is that COVID VACCINES are killing people. When people die, they say they died from Covid.

Back in 2020, people would get shot in the face, run over by a bus, drown in a river, and yet they all died from Covid too. Never mind that the CDC confessed that less than 6% of alleged 2020 Covid Deaths were lacking comorbidity. And yet even that number was way too high.

Well, this is my main home page article regarding health, this is still a rough draft outline and I still want to add a bunch of things, videos, articles, websites, memes, resources, etc, to this post as soon as I can. I've included a few links on this page but there is more where that came from, to be continued.






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Bill Gates is EVIL

My Main Health Home Page
Oatmeal Daily - 2021-09-03 - Friday | Published in September of 2021

Published by Oatmeal Joey Arnold
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You can obtain and keep yourself healthy. This has to be your mentality. HEALTH is a giant topic full of related threads, connections, categories, themes, subjects. I'm going to try my best to summarize and list some of that here. I'm going to try to include a few links but this is going to be a rough draft post for now.

Some of the related topics to HEALTH may include diet, exercise, play, fitness, fasting, sleeping, gardening, farming, agriculture, taking care of yourself, vitamins, medicine, doctors, hospitals, natural remedies, COVID, yoga, prayer, meditation, nurses, tea, distilled water void of fluoride, games, sports, karate, fighting, running, P.E. or physical exercise classes in school or other places, activities, gyms, spiritual health related things, emotional wellness, mental health, physical health, social health, breathing, taking deep breaths, herbs, sunshine, naps, common sense, holistic medicine, germs, bugs, viruses, bacteria, microorganisms, parasites, organs, biology, science, genes, genetics, DNA, vaccines, science studies, patients, the common cold, the flu, diseases, sicknesses, curses, the black death, disorders, phobias, ADHD, dentists, eye doctors, ear doctors, other kinds of doctors, pastors for spiritual health, your parents for family health, AIDS, HIV, cancer, tumors, asthma, germ theory, measles, Bill Gates, Covid Vaccines, CDC, FDA, United Nations, globalism, lockdown, tyranny, eating disorders, sex, genders, antibiotics, antibodies, the immune system, recovery, heart attacks, strokes, anatomy, different body systems, the nervous system, bones, muscles, brain, skin, blood, cells, plasma, the history of medicine, the history of different things relating to health, different views and perspectives on health, side-effects, biomedical research, scientists, molecules, atoms, elements, minerals, dirt, soil, planting, mindfulness, and the list goes on and on, those are just a few random words from the top of my head.

I'm going to try to update this page when I can and make additional posts and pages connected to this giant topic, not to mention OATMEAL HEALTH and MY HEALTH GROUP which is devoted to all of these health related topics. Feel free to join the group and to share health related things there. I also made the OATMEAL HEALTH FACEBOOK PAGE and the OATMEAL HEALTH FACEBOOK GROUP as well. And on top of that, I've written health related topics. So, I can talk forever just about COVID alone. I will try to include links here to health related videos, websites, forums, articles, questions, answers, feedback, stories, ideas, tips, different sites, different things, information, books, photos, memes, concerns, truth, evidence, statistics, science, etc, etc, etc.

I may be moving some of these paragraphs, some of the content on this webpage, to other pages and articles in the future. I'm still trying to organize the different sub-categories which would go underneath the main health topic. I have an endless list of articles, videos, websites, etc, that I want to link to. The challenging part is in attempting to organize it all as the Internet is a big place. And don't get me started on all of the books that are out there. So, I will be publishing more articles, posts, pages, videos, etc, and I will try to link them here later on. I have it all sort of in my head but I just have to get it all out. I will probably be moving things around a bunch. I may be editing this post a bunch in the future to make it more useful for everyone. I have a lot of work to do. To be continued.


A nice write-up

Health in general is always related to what we eat
As regards to the mortality caused by Covid vaccines, why then isn't this put at hold??
Isn't it better we work towards an effective way of preventing this Covid rather than trying so hard to eliminate the disease with wrong vaccines🤕

Yeah. You are what you eat. I like what you are saying here.

We keep bringing out ideas always for a better experience here on hive and earth as a whole