You could WIN, too!

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@votebetting won today's daily lotto. The prize was 6962 UFM and over 43 STEEMP!
Since each ticket also has a 1 in 5 chance of also winning an instant prize, the tickets each give you big chances to win.

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@madstacks publishes a post each day that announces the daily lotto winner and gives out all the data and information you need to join us and play the lotto game.

UFM is the Token for the UpFundMe network. We are a General posting tribe with a focus on crowdfunding, contests, giveaways.

One of the exciting things about UFM tokens is that when you stake them you receive daily dividends paid out in STEEMP. It is the first of it's kind!


Raising Funds for your big goal is another exciting aspect of what we do in UpFundMe. Crowdfunding is people asking people for money. It is asking a million people for a dollar each, and although we do not have a million members yet, we will do what we can to help you reach your goal.

Come on join us in the discord

Play some lotto or make sure to use the upfundme tag and post on the community https://UpFund.Me front end today.
I've heard rumors that along with the roulette and lotto game there will soon be a new dice game, too.

Fun ways to burn some tokens!

. By @zord189


I approve

I have played it a lot, and it's amazing !

I approve, too!

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My favorite place to be!

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