Participate in a written interview and get rewarded !

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When I was active in steem, I was creating a lot of video interviews.

You can watch them all here :

Video interview takes a lot of time and energy. First it's hard to find someone who want to participate. Second, we had to schedule a time to record a video, with the difference of time zones, we get confused sometimes. Then I had to edit the video and create a post with all the details.

Yesterday I thought about starting written interviews. That will be a nice collaboration. Easier to do. And I will be able to interview more people.

So, the most interesting part in this is :

All those who will particpate in the interview will be rewarded by an autoupvote from @dcooperation. I'm the only owner of that account and I don't have much time in my life to curate manually a lot, that's why I'm just powering up all the earning there to autoupvote as much people as I can. Especially those who need support.

Our upvote by the way hit recently about $0.2, that's not a lot, but I'm building it and by participating in an interview, you will help me to build it even more.

The interview will be shared in @dcooperation and all the earning will be used to power up the account !

In case you want to participate in a written interview, let me know about that in the comments. Or contact me in discord or twitter ! (3).png

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Interesting, let me know on discord if you can

Ok, I will try to find you there !

@Clixmoney, this is an interesting idea here. I would love to get featured, man.
Great step here.

Thanks. I will contact you in discord about that.

@clixmoney I would love to get featured, I like this idea

That's great. Where I can find you ? Do you use discord ?

Discord is fine. @dimsyto(bodita) there

Please contact me here : clixmoney#0084 , or join our discord server. I couldn't find you.

Best I join through the discord server

Lovely idea. I'll like to be interviewed too. We win together.

That's great. Do you have discord ? I'll send you the questions there.


I couldn't find you. Please contact me here : clixmoney#0084

I would love to do an interview! Hit me up. I'm still very new to the whole decentralized web 3.0 stuff and am trying to learn and share about it on my podcasts and videos as I go!

Great. Where I can find you ?

I contacted you in twitter.