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​Hello DCooperation and Camping Club Hive community.
Today I will participate in the contest organized by @dcooperation. This competition is an important competition for @campingclub.

You can read the article about this contest here.

In this post, I will share 3 nature photos from my favorite places. I chose this photo carefully from the photos on my phone and I will share it with you.
Also, at the end of this article, I will share with you the article that was shared in the Camping Club Hive community these days and that I liked the most.

There are many beautiful and different trees in the city where I went to university. And I love taking pictures of these trees that I usually see. A few days ago, on my way to school, I saw that the sky was blue. Yes, the sky was blue and there were almost no clouds. You see 2 different pine trees in this photo. Both of these pine trees are really huge. I love blue skies and green trees. Because these two things really give me peace of mind. What do you think about it?


Although it does not snow every year in the city where I live at this time of the year, it usually snows on the hills of Uludağ. And it's a really good sight. Actually, if the clouds disperse after it snows, I can take a picture of Uludağ and share it with you, but the clouds almost never disperse.
It was actually about to snow last week but strangely stopped and the sun came up the next day. Even if it doesn't snow in cities in winter, I think it should snow in rural areas and forests. Because this is very important for nature. Snow and rain.


I don't know the name of this tree you see, but it is estimated to be about 400 years old. Yes, I think this tree is about 400 years old. Perhaps this tree may even be much older.
I took this tree in a forest in Istanbul. There are several older trees similar to this tree in that forest I'm talking about.


I can say that I like the photos and travel post @antikus369 shared from his trip to Russia.
I understand that those photos are related to the Black Sea and I think the children are really cute.


Well done. Your phone is perfect at taking pictures. What kind of phone is that ?

Wow did you really like the quality of the photos? But I think I need to deal with the brightness of the photos a little more.
I am using Samsung Galaxy A71. !PIZZA

Yeah, I liked them. Especially the resolution.
I love Samsung. I have A50.

A friend of mine is using a Samsung A50. Actually, I was going to buy the A50 too, but I bought the A71 because it was on sale. I can say that the A71 macro camera is not very good in general. Especially when there is little light.

Thank you for appreciating my work and choosing my travel post!

Thank you for sharing such quality posts in our community.

I guess this pictures are taken with a Xaomi product

Ah no I took these photos with my Samsung A71. 2 people said that the camera of this phone is good. I was surprised too. But I definitely need to adjust the light settings.

Wow. Samsung is also a nice phone to take pictures

Uludağ hiç gitmedim ama resimler sayesinde gitmiş kadar oldum ellerine sağlık. Yarışma kurallarına uygun güzel bir paylaşım olmuş başarılar dilerim. 🙏

Teleferik ile Uludağ gezisi ile ilgili gönderimi de incelemeni tavsiye ederim. Çok güzel doğa fotoğrafları var.
Yorumun için çok teşekkürler.

Evet o yazını da okumuştum gerçekten harika süperdi ve resimlerinle gezdiğin yerleri harika yansıtmışsın. Teleferiğe ilk defa Antalya'da bindim çok eğlenceli ve çok güzel. Yüksekten kuşbakışı olarak şehri izlemek harikaydı. Yazına o sıra bazı tekmik aksaklıklardan dolayı yorum yapamamıştım. en kısa zamanda paylaşımına tekrardan göz atacağım Ellerine sağlık 🙏

Yay! 🤗
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i was surprised at knowing these photos were taken by Samsung smartphone. Very nice!

Oh thank you so much. 😃
And yes, when I started using this phone, I was very surprised that the camera was so good. Because the camera of the Samsung phone I used before that was very bad in my opinion.😀


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