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RE: DCC tag contest - Let's support #bitcoin

in DCooperation8 months ago

The gang is almost complete but @mineopoly and @doziekash is missing on the list 🤣 maybe we should invite them for the next round.

Thanks for congratulating me and congrats too, we're winners!!! 🙃


Hey gang. I see this is where you All are when you are not on #pob lol. Well I really hope I'll be able to join this amazing contest, considering my annoying busy schedule

The cool thing, that could be done in #pob at the same time. I'm also supporting the same members with my 3150 POB power by @clixy. ☺

That is Supercool. You just made me eager to join this. I'll definitely squeeze it time from my schedule to participate in this.

We hope so too, it's amazing here too 🙂

Thanks for inviting them. There is another contest they may participate in as well about Leofinance : New DCC initiative - Tribe Token Talk !. In the close future we will make it about proofofbrain as well. It's really a big tribe now after LEO.

I like all your initiative sir, i have gain more knowledge and met some cool guys during this contest, I will be looking for to this one as well.

Yeah, i hope they join in to earn with us... That new initiative is awesome, I love the idea

I hope so. Glad you love it.