The LOVElution Week- Ecency-Dreemport Challenge Week 2.

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Christopher .B.
Hi everyone, this is day 5 of week 2 of Ecency-Dreemport Challenge. This week was all about showing love to others and the week was called the LOVElution week.

The week started with the Sassy girls having two new members @amberkashif and @nkemakonam89. @coquicoin and I were very happy to receive them and surprisingly they matched our energy although @amberkashif wasn't very active this week due to some circumstances beyond her control but the team watched out for her.


Day 1 of week 2

The task for day 1 was to sprinkle love on one of the team member's posts. The sassy girls decided to do it the sassy way. Why sprinkle love on just one when we can show each other love? @coquicoin was smart enough to bring out a timetable that made sure each member got some love from every member of the group. On day 1, I was supposed to boost @amberkashif's post but since she didn't make any, I decided to spread the love to @winnercorp post titled Snacks and Chill. If you want to learn how to live the baby girl lifestyle, @winnercorp has a master's degree on it as her blog is filled with so many ways to flex oneself.

Day 2 of Week 2

The task for Day 2 was to find a newbie and spread some love to them. This particular task was a tough one as I couldn't find a newbie. However, I found @awuahbenjamin and boosted his post titled We'll get there. Unfortunately, my points were refunded after more than twenty-four hours. I boosted the same post again after the points were refunded but nothing happened. @awuahbenjamin is yet to be discovered as a quality content creator. He writes mostly motivational and life posts. You can check him out and show him some love.

For the Sassy Girls, I visited @nkemakonam89 post titled The Reunion. Lest I forget, today is her twin brother's traditional marriage so don't forget to send her some kind wishes.

Day 3 of Week 2

Day 3 was all about finding a community to support. The Sassy girls decided instead to find a tag that is not so popular and spread some love to some posts made using the tag. @coquicoin in her genius way came up with the #ttt tag and so the Sassy girls went hunting. During the course of our adventure, I found a post by @kamarah titled Labrinth. If you are a fan of Labrinth, you should totally check it out.

For the sassy girls, I sprinkled some love on @coquicoin's #ttt post titled Mano Negra. She has some unique songs on that post . You should check it out to see what I mean

Day 4 of Week 5.

Day 4 was all about reaching out to a friend and saying, "Hey, I appreciate you and I'm here to say I love you". This task took me down to @jessicaossom's blog. It's been a while I saw her around and that was why I decided to go check if she was doing alright. Luckily for me, I found a post she just wrote that was a few hours old titled Letting go. An interesting read.

As for the Sassy girls, I considered myself a member too and what's love without some elements of self love? I decided to also show myself some love and boosted a post I wrote titled Love,a little misconception no one told you about

That was how I fared this week. I hope I was able to spread so much love around.

I had fun this week. Did you?

Thank you so much @dreemport and @ecency


Hi @zyzymena,
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Thank you

The TeamUK tag us so called because it is for people from UK. Please do not use the tag because that is tag abuse. thanks

Oh sorry about that. I read it as tea-muk tag. Noted

It was a great week and you rocked with your new teammates, it was a really exciting one. Let me get to work for article as well.

Yes it was. You should make your own post before it is too late. Don't forget to get it into Dreemport

Thanks a lot, I already did that. I felt tired today, very unusual of me.

I am recharging already for the new week.

Such an interesting week with the sassy girls🧡💞
You killed it, baby...your week was a fantastic tour🤗

Oh wow! I love that name..the fantastic four

I’m still getting a hand of the dreemport project in general, thanks for the shout out zyzy, haha my recent post caught your tag! Baby girl lifestyle indeed 😂🤭

Don't worry, soon you'll get the hang of it. Yes now! Don't you know you are a baby girl for life? I will check out your recent post later

The contest allowed us to think less of ourselves and more of others. It was indeed a good contest and I look forward to a more exciting contest. I can see you did very well. Many dranked from your well. 👍

Congrats sassy partner you did great this week 2 of the challenge.
Have a lovely weekend 😊

Self love is as important as loving others. I loved the last few lines of the post. Hehe.

Despite having tough yime off line, I managed to do the tasks of the challenge and the credit goes to my team that was so organized, understanding and motivating.

Blessed day 🌷

Wow, you nailed all your task, that's really impressive.

Good luck for next week 🤩💗.

Thank you so much darling ♥️

You're always welcome Ma'am 😘.

Sassy girls ehnn! I love the team. I’m a little jealous even. It sounds like you ladies had all the fun. I like the part where you showed yourself some love too. You can’t give what you don’t have right?☺️☺️

Exactly! You can't give what you don't have. Anyways, don't be jealous. We are still accepting new members 😄😄

You and all The Sassy Girls totally nailed it zyzy!
Hope you are feeling better...

Thank you Tengo! Happy Sunday

Always my please zyzy Happy Sunday too


Yay! 🤗
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The Sassy girls. I love the name. I'll inform my teammates to invite The Sassy girls to our party he he .

Hehehe, that would be nice. What team do you belong to again?

Meet us the Ecendres. Hehe 😊


Interesting. What does Ecendres mean?

So it's funny we couldn't come up with a name for our team. So we were stuck with ecenerds or Ecendres(which a combination of Ecency and dreemport). We ended up choosing the later as we didn't want to be too nerdy for y'all 😜🤣

Hahahaha! You guys are nerds to have come up with this and it is really cool. 😄

So cool that you Sassed the week. Haha 😆❤️🤗💕
I arrived here via DreemPort

Thank you so much 🤗

We all had fun here. Reaching out to people was the best. I am so glad to enter this challenge