Knock, Knock...

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**Hi hi **🤗.

It's been a minute. How do you people come back after s very long unplanned break?

Well, I didn't see myself going on a break from this space. It was just a one day thingy of telling myself, I needed to reevaluate myself and my activities on this app.

And before I could say Jack Robinson, a day is beginning to turn to a month o.


How have you been? Yes you.

Well, true be told, I really enjoyed the unplanned break. It gave me the opportunity to think really well again, and I think I'm ready to go through this journey over again.

What have I been doing while I was away.

Well, nothing much really. Just that I had to travel back to school because the break ended before we even began.

And traveling down was a whole lot of troubles. From the man who came to preach to us in the bus, and saying I'm not respectful because I was pressing my phone, while be was preaching. And that if I was not careful, he was going to smash my phone.

I actually continued pressing my phone anyways, because I needed him to smash my phone festofos, then he'd know that I'm just gentle with my outlook.

He will either but the phone, or he buys the phone 😂.


To sitting beside a grandma who kept asking us to close all the windows because the breeze was too much.

Ahn ahn! Inside this great heat, we should close window?

Well, I'm glad I was the one beside the window, I didn't even pretend like I heard her.

To our car finally breaking down while on transit.

They were all weird experiences, and true be told, when I got back to my hostel, I had a really good laugh.

But when it was happening, it wasy funny sincerely.

Anyways, the semester started officially at fifth week. And that is because the past few weeks has one activities or the other in it, which didn't allow academic activities go on.

Back to waking up early. Back to rushing to the park to meet up with the bus early. Back to thinking about what to eat every single day.

I think that is one part I wish I could scrape away. But then, I don't wanna to die yet. I have to eat.

Not to talk too much. I'm excited to be back, and I hope I have a more enjoyable moment than before.

*Ciao *✨.

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