Heat Wave

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Brazil has currently been going through a severe heat wave lately, it's all my friends up in the northern/central parts of the country have been talking about.

I've seen unrest going on at public transportation due to air conditioning not working, I've seen people go to the hospital because of the heat and I've seen even worse:

I can't believe someone was irresponsible enough to allow this to happen. An innocent 2 year old had to die because of negligence.

As much as you can blame agro destroying the Amazon and other global trends for the rise in temperatures, the blame for this can be put squarely on adult negligence.

Isn't It Normal for Temps to be This High Now?

As some of you may know, Brazil sits in the southern hemisphere, so it's not too uncommon for this to happen, temperatures obviously go up as summer arrives, but I live in the South and temperatures have been climbing at a much slower pace.

Some of this may be attributed to the current cyclone going on in the south, but the trend holds true for other South American nations where there is no cyclone.

Still, it's really screwed up that we're having to go through such tough times right now and I just hope this summer doesn't become the hottest summer in Brazilian history. I really hope the heat wave ends before we see the worst of it.


I dunno a lot of info scare about the weather is usually funded by this big lobbing groups that help the climate change bills which usually restrict people from doing their day to day things. I am highly skeptical of these reports. Some of these reports do impossible claims like, the hottest it has ever been in the last 1500 years. 👀

What is true, is that the more you scare the population, the more they are receptive to advertising and the better it is for the network. So keep that in mind the next time you read about these sensationalist reports.

It was literally almost 50°C in Rio, this isn't sensationalism.

A kid died because of how hot it was.

yes, thats part of the sensationalism. Nothing scare society more than killing babies, maybe puppies?

That's the point of 'shock value'.

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