Happy birthday to me: Letter to myself

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Dear Joy Dukeson,


You are an incredible person. Today is a day set aside to celebrate the unique and remarkable person that you are.

You have grown and have accomplished a lot over the years. I look at you and can't help but wonder where you draw such strength, resilience, and determination from.

On this day, take a moment to reflect on your journey, the experiences, lessons and the memories that have shaped you into the amazing person you are today. You have failed and you have succeeded and these two worlds have moulded you into becoming a stronger fighter and better version of yourself*.


Every moment has its own lessons. Thus cherish the moments and appreciate the beauty of life itself.

Just as your name, you have filled so many people who have crossed your path with Joy and your eagerness to always help people makes you extremely unique.
Your kindness, empathy and compassion is what makes you special.

Your desire to always motivate people and shower them with love whether or not you know them makes you unique in your own way.

As you turn a year older, don't forget to keep chasing your dreams. This time, let the passion fire keep burning.

Leave your comfort zone and embrace challenges as they come. It is these challenges that will help you discover your true purpose and potentials.


Love yourself, prioritize yourself. Pamper your mind, body and your soul. Let positivity surround you.

Celebrate your big and small wins and never ever underestimate yourself because you are more powerful than you can even imagine.

May this new year bring you endless opportunities ,connections, growth, love and happiness.

May your days continually be filled with joy,laughter and peace.

This is going to be a new chapter of amazing memories and favour.

Happy birthday Joy!

You are incredible


Happy birthday beautiful. 🤗🥂
You look amazing. 😍❤️

Thank you dearie.

So where has she been?😲😲😲😲

Happy birthday. More life 🎉

Amen. Thank you

Happy birthday Joy! What beautiful words you dedicated to yourself. I hope this year is amazing and I wish you the best. Cheers ❤️!

Amen. Thank you so much

Awwwwww 🥰🥰🥰
I love this letter ✉️ joy 😊
Happy birthday my dear ❤️
Live long and excel!!

Thank you sweetie