Cafe design in my area follows the trend and lifestyle

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Hi Hiveans everyone in the Architecture and Design Community. This time I will invite you to see a Cafe with a very beautiful interior and exterior design in our city.

This is a picture of Deha Cafe with stunning Design and Architectural Style
This cafe is called Deha. To realize the luxurious design of this cafe, the role of the architect is important. But the design of this one luxury cafe was designed by a team of experts. This cafe, which consists of two floors, uses a lot of wood as the tile, the windows are large, and the garden in the yard really amazes me.

With an elegant impression made of wood, residents can enjoy comfort both inside and outside.

This cafe, which is identical to wood material, uses five types of local wood for both interior and exterior. Starting from the pine wood or Dutch teak wood on the facade which is known for its strength and good beauty, everything is designed so beautifully. So for those who come to this cafe always want to feel at home and linger in it.

Apart from being made of wood, the interior rooms are also very minimalist in design. With the use of various woods and also wide openings that regulate air circulation and good light, the design of this one cafe house provides comfort beyond luxury. where if you look from the outside, the design of this luxurious cafe only looks like it has 2 floors. However, this house actually has 3 floors consisting of the top wind room.







Along with the development of an increasingly trending lifestyle, the beauty of this cafe is seen from the extraordinary interest of visitors, so this cafe makes the design of this luxurious cafe easy to accommodate every activity of its residents. Visitors in general will look outside the room with walls and windows visited with beautiful and beautiful flowers. Front yard with comfortable seating. the appearance is open, simple, but still looks luxurious with the various materials exposed. Starting from wood, concrete, to iron. Although open, private areas such as offices and also the main bedroom are separated from the main building which creates an open area in the middle of the building that can be used for various activities. What's even more unique is that this cafe was designed from the second part to support it. The side is used as a cafe and the other room is a university where the academy teaches and learns. How about the cafe in your area, beautiful isn't it?





Today I came to this cafe and enjoyed a cup of Kopi Americano, with a plate of fried rice. In addition to the very delicious taste, I can also enjoy the cafe room which is designed in such a way that it is very comfortable. Of course I was very happy when I visited this cafe. When I was in this cafe, I felt like I was in a palace, both outside and inside, it made me very comfortable. Especially when you see the garden and a small pond where the fish play. You can see everything in this photo that I took, but even though I can't shoot everything, I think I think the review in my post is quite adequate. I don't know when I want to come back to enjoy my happy day back at this cafe.


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The place looks really charming and nice, perfect to enjoy a delicious coffee.

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It’s a lovely cafe

I love the cafe, it has minimalistic touch, and it is very neat all over. Greetings from the Philippines!

@afterglow, thank you. Regards

You're welcome (^_^)

Impressive coffee shop! This looks like a cozy spot to hang out plus enjoy your favorite brew. The spacious interior is elegantly dazzling, and the overall white color theme of most of its architectural elements including the furniture items provides quite a welcoming atmosphere. The natural surroundings also add to its comfortable appeal. I wouldn't hesitate to visit a gorgeous cafe like that.

Greetings @afridany1. A warm welcome to the Architecture+Design Community. 😀

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definitely a beautiful architecture

Enjoying good food in a comfortable place is everyone's dream. Especially when coupled with friendly and courteous service. Absolutely would be absolutely perfect.

The place is definitely comfortable, is the food delicious and the service friendly and polite at the cafe too?