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Welcome to Architecture Anthology™, the official Curated Content Catalog of Architecture+Design, your dedicated community on the Hive Blockchain covering digital content from various international locations about Architecture, Interior Design, Furniture Design, Urban Design, and Environmental Design.

To celebrate this week's report, we are truly thrilled to present to you EDITION 15 featuring our Top 3 publications:

image.png 1. An emblematic museum of historical importance from Venezuela
image.png 2. A contemporary house with incredible features from Canada
image.png 3. A one-of-a-kind café toilet with a peculiar surprise from Japan

Don't forget to also check out our "Runner-Up" entries for their remarkable contributions. Our heartfelt congratulations to all selected authors and their curated posts!

Our Champions for the Week:

(February 6 - 12, 2023)


Visiting this store was very fun and exciting the first thing that caught my attention was the table, at first glance its texture seems rough, I asked permission to touch it and it turned out to be very smooth and with an excellent finish, I really liked this table is not common to see this type of tables in furniture stores its simple design I loved it, I think that the appeal is a simple but neat and timeless design.


@leaky20Inside our HouseCanada

After we bought the house I did a lot of cosmetic stuff to update the look of the place. I painted the walls a light grey and the cabinets the white that you see. I installed the glass tile backslash and we had a professional put in a new laminate countertop. Then my wife and I installed the floors together. They are meant to look like cement tiles but they are really just peel and stick vinyl tiles with grout lines between, helping to hold them in place.


I initially froze and then slowly made my way in. It seemed cool and made me wonder how exactly they constructed it. What a unique design! Somehow I also felt uncomfortable and slightly scared. With all those fish and fish eyes moving around, my clothes certainly remained in place. I wasn’t sure about the intellect of the fish and how they’d react to whatever they saw. It just felt like “someone was watching”.


01 doriangel - runner-up.png

02 armasdiaze - runner-up.jpg

@juecoreeThe Places We Find OurselvesPhilippines

09 borjan - runner-up.jpg

@roronoa46Unique mosque with beautiful designIndonesia

@devyswan1Lembang Asri ResortIndonesia

12 wilfredocav - runner-up.webp

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Wonderful lists of publications as usual. Enjoyed going through them all.
Keep up dearest @aplusd @storiesoferne

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Appreciate your massive support as always dear @sahiba-rana. We look forward to your fascinating architecture and design content soon. Take care! 😀

Definitely, Thank you for your encouragement always :)

Thanks for support my post and choosing to Architecture Anthology #15 @aplusd

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Thank you as well dear @umirais for your neverending support and great content. Best regards! 😀

It's always a pleasure to be featured. I appreciate it. Thank you for the support, @aplusd!

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It is our huge pleasure as well dear @juecoree to feature your outstanding publications. Keep it up! 😀

Congratulations to the winners!!!

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Much appreciated dear @jordy0827. Cheers! 😀

Thanks for including me in today's digest 😁👍

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Always a tremendous delight to showcase your incredible stories of architecture and design dear @leaky20. Thank you for your patronage! 😀

An amazing and inspiring list from the Architecture Anthology™ 15. Congratulations to those who have participated.

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Thank you dear @isdarmady for your valuable contributions. Cheers! 😀

Thank you for including my post @aplusd ! Thank you for always supporting me!

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With great pleasure dear @devyswan1. Have fun! 😀

Excellent compilation of good posts. Congratulations to all the winners and nominees.

By the way I loved @fruityfruitz's fishbowl in the bathroom post. I'm still thinking about the bold looks of the fish lol.

🤣Haha!! Thank you. That unique restroom concept made me think of fish in a different light. In all fairness they were well-behaved. 🐠 🐟

 last year  

That is the spirit dear @tibaire. We do our best to collect the most fascinating masterpieces of architecture and design globally for the ultimate enjoyment of our beloved community. Thank you for your tremendous support and for sharing your cheerful experiences! 😀

greetings dear friends, each content is wonderful, greetings to the winners and to all mentions Blessings to all 🙏

 last year  

Thank you dear @armasdiaze for your consistent support and remarkable contributions. Blessings! 😀

For me it will always be a pleasure to share content with our dear community, appreciated friend @aplusd

Greetings @aplusd, very happy for the mention and support given, congratulations to all, excellent posts.


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Always an enormous delight to serve you dear @belkyscabrera. Well done, and thank you for your exceptional publications! 😀

Congratulations to the winners and to all of you for your excellent publications and for showing us the world through your experiences and photographs.

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We are always thankful to you dear @doriangel for your immense appreciation and patronage. We could not have done it without your incredible publications. Stay awesome! 😀

Congratulations top three winners last week. Thanks for included my two contents to runner up @aplusd

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We are truly happy dear @madushanka to experience your amazing stories of architecture and design. Way to go! 😀

Congratulations to those who were chosen, always give the best :D

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Thank you dear @aswita. Cheers! 😀

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Awesome update, thanks @hivebuzz! 😀

That's great @aplusd! We're excited to see your accomplishments on Hive! We keep cheering you on for your next goal!

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Tou are always welcome dear @roronoa46. Best regards! 😀