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Warm greetings Hive!

Wow, we have a grand slam! Our splendid week starts with a truly exciting Monday because our leading A+D superstars for today all hail from one South American country. Featuring an incredible variety of heritage, historic, traditional, acoustical, and environmental projects, we are in for a massive architecture and design treat from this spectacular global location. Enjoy our fantastic collection!

Welcome to Architecture Anthology™, the official Curated Content Catalog of Architecture+Design, your dedicated community on the Hive Blockchain covering digital content from various international locations about Architecture, Interior Design, Furniture Design, Urban Design, and Environmental Design.

To celebrate this week's report, we are truly thrilled to present to you EDITION 74 featuring our Top 3 publications:

image.png 1. An ancient place of worship with historic vitality from Venezuela
image.png 2. Another epic sacred venue with vernacular vibes from Venezuela
image.png 3. A healing green landmark keeping a musical icon from Venezuela

Don't forget to also check out our "Runner Up" entries for their remarkable contributions. Our heartfelt congratulations to all selected authors and their curated posts!

Our Champions for the Week:

(May 13 - 19, 2024)


doriangel - gold star.jpg

An incredible work, with a great history, which, together with the majestic natural surroundings, create a space that cannot go unnoticed. This work consecrated Juan Félix Sánchez as the popular architect of the páramo, and he, with his own hands and effort, made one of his greatest dreams come true, to build this church, next to his mother's house.


taniagonzalez - silver star.jpg

On Isla Margarita, each sector has its own church, each with unique characteristics. However, the church of Guarame stands out for its uniqueness, differentiating itself from all those I have seen so far. Guarame sits on one of the highest hills in the municipality, and its cozy church stands on another small hill adjacent to the main road, visible to all passersby.


dinaaczib - bronze star.jpg

The area for the public is large, clean and with many trees around, which makes you feel that you are in a cozy environment. There is no security railing in front of the stage, which makes the presentations quite intimate. Immediately after the stage there is a space with artificial grass, then a space with a cement floor and further away are the bleachers which are also made of cement.


@arrliinnExploring Al Nahyan Park for the First TimeUnited Arab Emirates

01 arrliinn - runner up.jpg

02 belkyscabrera - runner up.jpeg

03 viviehardika - runner up.png

04 indipnash91 - runner up.png

05 tomidiwirja - runner up.jpg

06 devyswan1 - runner up.jpg

07 maytom - runner up.jpg

08 macchiata - runner up.png

09 virgilio07 - runner up.jpg

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My congratulations to @doriangel, @dinaaczib, for their excellent work.
For @virgilio07, @macchiata, @maytom, @devyswan1, @tomidiwirja, @indipnash91, @viviehardika, @,belkyscabrera, @arrliinn, my congratulations too, happy week to all 🌹🌷🌼🪷🌸🪻🥀💮💐🌻🌺☘️.

Thank you very much dear @taniagonzalez. 🌸🌼🌻💐

Happy Tuesday!

Thank you so much @taniagonzalez 🥰. The same for you

Thank you tania! have a great week to you too as well.

 22 days ago  

Marvelous A+D feature dear @taniagonzalez. We are thrilled to experience the incredible projects of Venezuela and we look forward to being captivated by more fascinating icons soon. Have an enjoyable one! 😀

What a joy. Proud of my country. Congratulations to all, especially to @taniagonzalez, @dinaaczib . Thank you for sharing with you such valuable works in the world. Happy beginning of the week, blessings @aplusd

 22 days ago  

We are truly delighted dear @doriangel to showcase the exceptional architecture and design jewels of your beloved country of Venezuela. Until your next phenomenal A+D content, keep shining brighter! 😀

Congratulations to the first three places @doriangel @taniagonzalez @dinaaczib and to the rest of the selected publications.


 22 days ago  

We are always grateful to you dear @jordy0827 for your tremendous support. Much appreciated! 😀

Congratulations to Venezuela: @doriangel, @taniagonzalez and @dinaaczib 🥰

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Much appreciated dear @indipnash91. We look forward to your future A+D stories. Thank you for your impressive contributions! 😀

Wow how nice it is to be here! thank you so much! many blessings to all of you!🤗

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Many thanks dear @dinaaczib for your tremendous support and marvelous A+D contributions. Stay awesome always! 😀

Wow! creators from Venezuela are shining! Absolutely amazing.
Keep flourishing @aplusd

 18 days ago  

Indeed dear @sahiba-rana. Venezuela reigns supreme for this week's Architecture Anthology. Perhaps next time, it will be India's turn. Thank you for the joyful vibes and neverending patronage! 😀

Blessings! Congratulations to all the selected of the week. Success to all. Let's keep growing, the best is yet to come

 22 days ago  

We appreciate your kind message as always dear @virgilio07. Here is to the best for our beloved community. More blessings! 😀

Congratulations to the champions and sub champions of the week for their excellent publications, Venezuela has outstanding architectural constructions, proud of my country. ❤️🌼🌸🌺🌻👍😀

Have an excellent and blessed week @aplusd!

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Well done to you too dear @belkyscabrera. Thank you for your remarkable A+D contributions and for always sticking around. All the best! 😀

Hi @aplusd thanks for support my work..
congrats for all winner and participants..

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You are most welcome dear @viviehardika. We are thankful for your constant patronage. Keep publishing awesome A+D stories! 😀

Simply beautiful, thank you for sharing it with us, Happy beginning of the week.... From @theshot2414....✌️✌️✌️✌️

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Thank you dear @theshot2414 for visiting our weekly curation report. Cheers! 😀

Congratulation @doriangel. 👏👏👏👏🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊

Thank You

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Do not forget to congratulate the other deserving A+D publications as well dear @maytom. Thank you for your neverending support! 😀

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