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Happy 2022 Hive!

As most of you may already know, Thursday, December 16, 2021, was a devastating memory for us. Our community account was temporarily disabled due to a super typhoon which caused disastrous havoc in our location. Without reliable access to electric power, telephone services, and the internet during the past weeks, it was simply impossible to operate under normal conditions. Again, we sincerely thank all of you for your valued patience, understanding, and support during these dark moments. We could not have made it this far without you.

On a positive note, we're glad to commence the new year with high spirits as we continue our great tradition of curating your awesome publications for the educational, inspirational, and entertainment benefits of the Hive blockchain, and most especially, for the overall growth and development of our distinguished authors, contributors, and subscribers of the Architeture+Design Community. It's now time to move forward.

Here we are again to showcase this week's celebrated posts about architecture and design - broadcasting from various locations around the world. As part of our weekly curation process, we gladly promote outstanding publications that align with our community's primary advocacy of elevating architecture and design with the Hive blockchain.

We are Architecture+Design, your dedicated Hive community covering digital content about Architecture, Interior Design, Furniture Design, Urban Design, and Environmental Design.

For this week's report, we're truly delighted to present to you our 52nd Edition featuring our top 3 publications that highlight a fabulous centuries-old church/monastery from Belarus, an extraordinary bridge from Madrid, Spain, and an exotic hotel from Indonesia.

Don't forget to also check out our "Runner-Up" entries for their remarkable contributions.

Our Champions for the Week:

(from January 24-30, 2022)

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To see the entire complex of buildings of the monastery, you need to move a distance. The buildings occupy a large area, which, among other things, is fenced with a high stone fence. The fact is that the temple was built during the Northern War against the Swedish troops. Historical events led to the fact that the convent was made male, but later turned into a parish church. The walls around the temple are reminiscent of its harsh times.


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Equipped with some fabulous pillars, without a doubt, as a precaution against the flooding of a river, the Manzanares, which years before had taken the old bridge on which Herrera built his own, the Segovia Bridge was, without a doubt, all an architectural landmark that communicated the capital with the north of Spain, thus constituting one of the main and busiest avenues of expansion.


firayumni - bronze mark.jpg

This is what the lobby hotel looks like. Very cute. For people that know me must know already how much i love the dark type of design like this. I understand that they must put an orange sofa in there because they wang to make a good contrast of color but if you asked me, I personally thought that the orange is a little bit out of place. If it was me, i will choose to have the nude color as the sofa in the lobby. If i need to use something brighter, i will choose maybe a blue color in there. But, thats maybe because my personal dislike towards orange color.


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I'm happy to be chosen as a runner-up today.
Congratulations to @juancar347 @firayumni and other runners-up today and have a nice day all!

Thanks for the nice words my friend! I wish you all the best!

 2 years ago  

With utmost pleasure @dodovietnam. Keep up the fantastic content, 😀

Thank you very much for the gold stamp! I appreciate it. Your efforts motivate people from all over the world to share amazing architecture and design. Thanks for your work and mention!

 2 years ago  

Delighted to have you with us always Looking forward to more remarkable publications from you. Congrats! 😊

I went over all the featured post. It had a good time reading it. Have some !PIZZA

 2 years ago  

Thanks a lot, @juecoree for your continuous support and patronage. We're excited to experience your incredible posts soon. Grateful as well for the yummy pizza! 😀

Thanks so much 🙂

 2 years ago  

You're most welcome @dimascastillo90. Cheers. 😀

Thank you very much for the mention my dear friend @storiesoferne, happy that you are back in our community, excellent this selection, I really enjoyed every one of them, this monastery, the bridge of segovia, this colorful orange furniture hotel and the subway of new delhi, very good all really, congratulations to each of the authors champions and runners up.

 2 years ago  

You're very much welcome @giapel86. We are indeed joyful to be back on board to continue with our celebrated interactions and publications. Stay as awesome as you always are. Have fun. 😀

Thanks for the mention. Nice to see you back and best wishes :-)

 2 years ago  

Hello @nathen007. It's truly a great joy to be back online. Always glad to host your superb posts here. 😀

thank you very much for the mention of truth makes me very happy, that inspires me to continue sharing quality content with you greetings @aplusd

 2 years ago  

You're most welcome @armasdiaze. Keep up the superb posts. Cheers! 😀

Thank you very much and my sincere congratulations to the authors of such excellent content. An affectionate greeting to all

 2 years ago  

Greetings @juancar347. We are definitely honored by your constant presence in our beloved community. Keep it up! 😀

@aplusd ! We are glad about the update after the unexpected super typhoon, indeed it has affected and paralyzed a lot of activities ranges from business activities to entertainment (socio or physical). We hope to stay stronger and healthier more than pre - super typhoon period.
Thanks for the mentioning and best regards to the Admin team!

 2 years ago  

Hi @noble-noah. Thanks for the good wishes. Exactly, we are delighted to be back here after that devastating storm. Rest assured, recovery efforts will be smooth-flowing as we rise again. Kind regards. 😀

Thank you @aplusd for mentioning me in this feature of community.
I am always glad:)

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Hello dear @sahiba-rana. A huge pleasure to have you with us here, as always. Keep up the positive vibes and the fabulous content. Stay safe. 😀

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