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Greetings Hive!

It's that special time of the week again to showcase celebrated posts about architecture and design, broadcasting from various locations around the world. As part of our weekly curation process, we gladly promote outstanding publications that align with our community's primary advocacy of elevating architecture and design with the Hive blockchain.

We are Architecture+Design, your dedicated Hive community covering digital content about Architecture, Interior Design, Furniture Design, Urban Design, and Environmental Design.

For this week's report, we're truly delighted to present to you our 55th Edition featuring our top 3 publications that highlight a majestic theater from the USA, an amazing road construction project from Venezuela, and a fabulous church from Ukraine.

Don't forget to also check out our "Runner-Up" entries for their remarkable contributions.

Our Champions for the Week:

(from February 14 - 20, 2022)


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The Pantages theater has a seating capacity of 2700. Originally built for vaudeville in 1930 by Alexander Pantages, it is also the last of the Hollywood movie palaces he would build. It was designed by architect B. Marcus Priteca, a palatial Art Deco architecture on a grand scale. It exudes fine craftsmanship, rich materials, and luxury, that one can only watch in awe. It has vaulted ceilings in gold and silver designs and starburst patterns. It has massive Art Deco chandeliers, exotic figures on the walls, and Byzantine statues


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The work was executed in its entirety in just one week, thanks to the fact that it was not necessary to send to bring the concrete mixing truck, this was only possible because the company in charge of the work, has its own concrete factory, once the mixture is elaborated, they load it into their own concrete mixer trucks, both the company and the trucks are located in the same industrial area where the work was carried out, thus allowing to significantly reduce the execution time.


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This is an example of the Kiev Baroque. The customer of the temple was Empress Elizabeth Petrovna. (Let me remind you that in the 17th-19th centuries Kyiv and most of Ukraine belonged to the Russian Empire). So, the authorities conceived the Mariinsky Palace and the Church of St. Andrew as a single complex (although the two buildings are far from each other). The place was chosen specially. After all, according to legend, the Apostle Andrew stopped here, who preached to the locals and predicted the appearance of the city on these hills. It is here that churches have always stood, sometimes rebuilt.


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