Architecture Brew #62

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Greetings Hive!

We warmly welcome you to Architecture+Design, your dedicated Hive community covering digital content from around the world about Architecture, Interior Design, Furniture Design, Urban Design, and Environmental Design.

For this week's Architecture Brew, we're delighted to report our 62ND EDITION featuring our top 3 publications: an impressive mountain village from Indonesia, a historic building of sacred significance from Spain, and an interesting residence from Eastern Europe.

Don't forget to also check out our "Runner-Up" entries for their remarkable contributions. Our heartfelt congratulations to all selected authors and their curated posts!

Our Champions for the Week:

(from April 4 - 10, 2022)


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In fact, some royal relics are stored in the Ageung House. This place is very far from the city center. in this place there are rice fields, ponds, and others. Very close to nature. This dragon village strongly maintains a natural lifestyle, social justice to the economy. I really like this village. but, not necessarily I'm ready to live in this place. When I visited this place, hearing the history of the place, it gave me goosebumps.


juancar347 - silver mark.jpg

In the Main Altarpiece -made in 1671, by Sebastián de Benavente- it contains a splendid painting by Guido Reni, entitled 'The Crucifixion of Saint Peter', whose interest, apart from the artistic, may also be historical, since in said crucifixion, performed upside down - which has nothing to do with black masses, as has been speculated on occasion - was the type of crucifixion used by the ancient Romans for all those accused of treason against Rome.


frank1in - bronze mark.jpg

But the most important discovery was waiting for me ahead. It turned out that the left side of this house was inhabited. Yes, I was surprised when I saw that a woman came out from the left side entrance. For me it was a pleasant surprise and a great chance to learn all the details about this place. The woman was in a hurry, but kindly gave me a little time to tell the story of this house.


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Thanks so much @aplusd / @storiesoferne 😊 much appreciated.
Such a great selection this week. I’m happy I’m between them 😁

Have a great week all 👋🏻🐝

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Always an immense delight to have you dear @littlebee4. Keep posting what you do best. We are here for you. Have a splendid week! 😀

Thanks a lot @aplusd that’s nice…
I will keep doing what I am doing 😎 having loads of fun at the same time!
Have a great week too ☀️😁

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That's the positive spirit @littlebee4. Always have fun! 😀

Exactly 😁🤩🥰 most important part I think…

Thanks so much @aplusd and @storiesoferne for the mention. Also, I want to congratulate all the other featured users and the winning authors. They do a very good job in this community. Awesome! 💎

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With utmost pleasure dear @dimascastillo90. Thank you for staying with us from the beginning. Keep sharing fantastic publications. 😀

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You're most welcome @mohd.iqbal. Best regards. 😀

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Hello dear friend @aplusd good day
What a beautiful selection of beautiful architectural constructions you present to us in this report. Very happy to see my post included in the Thank you very much
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid week

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Greetings dear friend @jlufer. Happy to have you in this community as always. Continue publishing awesome content! 😀

How quickly time passes. For me, each of your great posts "Architecture Brew" is a sign of another new week. And this means that in a week we have seen a lot of new architecture and design, and new discoveries are ahead of us. Thanks for your work and keep up the good work! 😊

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Indeed, time flies so fast dear We truly appreciate your continuous support, admiration, and participation in our beloved community. Stay remarkable! 😀

Congratulations to this great selection of authors and post.

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Greetings dear @juancar347. Thank you for your valuable patronage and awesome contributions. Stay amazing as always! 😀

Greetings from Indonesia and thank you very much to the community team, greetings architectural furniture :)

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I'm so grateful to be a part of this community. I get to learn so much from everyone in this community and since I'm in the second semester in my bachelor's of architecture programme it's just a win-win situation for me. Thank you for all the encouragement and support. I always look forward to learn more and share my piece of knowledge with everyone in this community. Thank you so much for the mention @aplusd

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Hello @andestethic. This community is truly honored to be part of your academic journey. Feel free to ask questions, engage, and interact with the other authors and enthusiasts of architecture and design. We are more than happy to help you plus receive your valuable contributions and knowledge. Best wishes. 😀

this is good news for me. I didn't have this kind of expectation. I will try to show the best posts

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Greetings dear @nnurdiani. You deserve this recognition. Thank you for continuously developing your architecture and design content for the better. More power! 😀

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