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To celebrate this week's Architecture Brew, we're truly delighted to report to you EDITION #75 featuring our Top 3 publications:

image.png 1. A religious building of historical value from Venezuela
image.png 2. A church with a rare architectural style from Belarus
image.png 3. A heritage village architecture from India

Don't forget to also check out our "Runner-Up" entries for their remarkable contributions. Our heartfelt congratulations to all selected authors and their curated posts!

Our Champions for the Week:

(July 4 - 10, 2022)


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An aspect to take into account and that I see of great value are the (altarpieces - shelves of the sacred figures) in this case by means of the present plan it is shown that in each space there is a wooden figure carved to a sacred image and estofada, to place an example of the Augustinian Hermit Friar. Likewise, the complete altarpiece was made with wood where later thin sheets of gold were applied, this process is called Gold leaf.


I was also struck by the fact that there are two crosses on the territory of the Church of the Exaltation of the Cross, not one. This is not typical for places of colonies. It turns out that one cross symbolizes the Orthodox and the second the Catholic denomination. This place unites all believers, regardless of their religion. Every year the church in Ivanovo is visited by hundreds of Catholic pilgrims from different countries.


The buildings are an expression of the cultural exchange and fusion that transpire between the Deccan sultanates and therefore the Mughals. They represent a more flamboyant, sensual, playful style in contrast to the more restrained Mughal architecture. This movement created new types of architectural expression that drew inspiration from vernacular styles.


01 lileisabel - runner-up.png

@storiesoferneBeauty is in the Eye of the BeholderInternational

06 sorprendente - runner-up.png

09 besamu - runner-up.png

@jemima1996A building with history [Esp-Eng]Venezuela

@roszParis Arch of TriumphFrance

@erixprdLa Begoña Church x Bolivar SquareVenezuela

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What a thrill to be back seeing my post on the shortlist at Architecture Brew #75

Many congratulations to all those mentioned.

Thank you 🙏

 2 years ago  

Welcome back, dear @creacioneslelys! We are always looking forward to the new and interesting content that each of our members is able to bring to our attention 😃

Dear friend aplusd, after congratulating the winners and those of us who were selected as RUNNERS UP in the prestigious magazine Architecture Brew #75, I reiterate my thanks for having placed my post among the pre-selected ones. Receive a fraternal greeting.

 2 years ago  

It is our pleasure, dear friend @besamu 😃 Thank you for your support and always kind words!

Thank you so much @aplusd, for your invaluable support, constant work, and collection of awesome content from worldwide. Your job is highly appreciated. Keep enjoying the architecture of the world and all the best for you!

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We have said other times too, dear, that most of this tremendous work and great added value that is put into our beloved community and into this blockchain in general, is entirely due to the work, efforts and dedication of our dear members 😀
Keep up the great contribution, dear friend!

🤩😍Thank you very much for placing my publication as number #1 I showed it to my mother and she is very proud of me, really thank you very much for your support.

 2 years ago  

This is a well-deserved first place and you yourself should be very proud too, dear @ginethchira2301! 😃 We are really happy to have you as our member and want to thank you for your passion and dedication!

Hello dear friend @aplusd good night
I wholeheartedly appreciate the great support you always give my posts, it's great to see my post promoted in this report
congratulations to all the authors featured in this edition
Have a beautiful night

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We are always excited and waiting for your new awesome post, dear friend @jlufer 😃 Thank you for your constant support and dedication! It means a lot!

Thanks friends @aplusd for the support and congratulations to all for your excellent publications, very good. Greetings and blessings! 😊

 2 years ago  

With joint efforts we walk up the ladder, dear @sorprendente 😀
Have a good one!

So grateful to have my post selected for the architecture brew 🤍

 2 years ago  

We thank you for your awesome content, dear @andestethic! 😃

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