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Greetings Hive!

There's nothing more powerful when passionate architecture and design enthusiasts bond together to form a community! We believe it's this unstoppable force that drives people to connect, to start interesting conversations, and to foster meaningful relationships with others who embrace the same values.

When we met for the first time during one of our architect's local membership meetings in May of 2019, we never thought it would be the beginning of something magical - a contagious spark that would trigger a beautiful friendship and a marvelous partnership that would remain until today! (Our apologies for the blurry photo as that's the only one available from that said event.)


Joining the Hive social blockchain in 2020 was an excellent opportunity for both of us to prosper as a team. It was certainly a strategic milestone that aided in our learning experiences as we were freshly exposed to state-of-the-art technologies like cryptocurrency, blockchain, censorship-resistance, and decentralization.


Because of our love for creative writing, online communications, digital publications, plus the relentless pursuit of transforming our world for the better through architecture and design, we eagerly conceived and founded the Architecture+Design Community within the Hive blockchain on October 5, 2020. That launch date couldn't be more perfect as it coincided with the annual celebration of World Architecture Day!

We were nervous during those moments as we were not sure how the rest of the blockchain would respond. With our gratitude and appreciation, it turned out pretty well, beyond our expectations, as we started gaining followers, subscribers, and contributors - little by little. Our emerging community may be small today yet, it has been experiencing steady growth since Day One. And many thanks to your loyal patronage, most especially to the valuable support we've received from @acidyo and the @OCD team, we couldn’t be more grateful for these fantastic results! Furthermore, we truly desire to blossom even bigger by providing you with a special channel on the Hive where you can thrive with your awesome architecture and design content - a dedicated place that you could hold dearest to your heart.


Therefore, it's with tremendous pleasure that we warmly welcome all of our new subscribers, frequent visitors, and our ever-devoted content creators and active contributors to the Architecture+Design Community! Before we proceed with the rest of this publication, let's familiarize ourselves first with the "mighty glue" that would bind all of us together through thick and thin.

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Behind every marvelous achievement is an authentic purpose! It's what keeps our mission's ball rolling and what fuels our journey's engine to faithfully pursue our dreams, goals, and objectives for as long as it takes.


The Architecture+Design Community, together with the others on the Hive, is one massive family! So, in the spirit of transparency, sincerity, camaraderie, and love, we humbly share with you our tribe's vision - the driving energy that serves as our beacon of light to lead us into the greatest possibilities of our lives. We gladly invite you to be one with our primary cause:

  • To empower content creators and enthusiasts of architecture and design on the Hive social blockchain with an important voice to fully express their unique selves, unleash their creative potential, grow immensely for the better, and be truly appreciated for their remarkable talents, passions. and contributions to the community.

  • To unlock the door, pave the way, and graciously host our community members to feel at home while mingling and staying connected with others on the tribe by developing significant friendships, enjoying wholesome engagement, plus cultivating precious relationships in the long run. (We are social beings, aren't we?)

  • To experience significance, joyfulness, and fulfillment by providing our community members the great opportunity to leave behind a memorably lasting legacy in the digital world for the next generations to look up to and savor.

And as much as we would desire to see you flourish in your respective pursuits, endeavors, and careers, we also wanted to continue serving you better by providing you with detailed guidelines to smoothen your enjoyable voyage here. Consider these helpful tips as your handy roadmap as we collaborate towards enhancing our digital experiences in our community.


As niche topics are such an extremely important aspect of our community, we have clearly defined the specific subject matters that fall within our scope. However, these specific subjects are not fixed in stone and are not permanent themes - as our world continues to evolve, we would be adding and modifying our content according to what suits us best.


For our current generation, benefit from this extensive list of interests to be the guiding reference for your various publications on the community.


As architecture is a broad field, here are some relevant categories within the industry that would streamline the focused choices for your publications:

  • Architectural Design (Skyscrapers, Houses, including Hospitality, Corporate, Religious, Commercial, Institutional, Residential, Arts, Leisure & Entertainment, Industrial, Agricultural, Infrastructure, Educational, Civic, Transport, Military, Government, Exhibition, Convention, Healthcare, Miscellaneous Buildings, as well as other Habitable Edifices and Built Environments)

  • Underwater and Above Sea Level Human Habitats and Aquatic Built Environments (Excluding Boats, Yachts, Watercrafts, Cruise Ships, Ocean Vessels and Liners, Sea Equipment, plus other forms of Marine Transportation)

  • Living Capsules, Pods, Quarters in Deep Space as well as future Planetary Civilizations

  • Architectural Drawings and Technical Presentations (Site Development Plans, Perspectives, Floor Plans, Ceiling Plans, Elevations, Sections, Schedules, Details, etc.)

  • Renowned and Influential Architects plus their Projects

  • Architectural Elements of Styles (Ancient/Prehistoric, Greek, Roman, Gothic, Classical, Baroque, Mediterranean, Medieval, Neoclassical, Victorian, Metabolism, Contemporary, Industrial, Vernacular, Organic, Modern, Post-modern, Deconstructivist, Minimalistic, Parametric, Futuristic, etc.)

  • The Standards of Professional Practices for Architects

  • Computer-aided Design & Drafting (CAD) Drawings, Still Renderings plus Animated Walkthroughs and Videos for Architecture

  • Scaled and Miniature Models of Architectural Projects

  • Hand-drawn Architectural Sketches, Drawings, and Illustrations

  • Construction Development and Rough-in Process (incorporation of mechanical, electrical, electronics, and plumbing/sanitary utilities)

  • Materials and Finishes for Building Exteriors

  • Historic & Heritage Building Restorations and Conservations

  • Civil Engineering Works (Roads, Communication Towers, Bridges, Subways, Canal & Drainage Projects, Railway & Train Networks, Tunnels, Dams & Reservoirs, Irrigation and related Water Systems, Skywalks, Retaining Walls, Deep Wells, Flyovers, Utility Pipelines, Aqueducts, Site Surveys, etc.) Seismic Design, and Structural Design

  • Technological and Scientific Advancements, Breakthroughs, and Innovations in Architecture

  • Building Code Programming, Applications, and Standards for Architecture

  • University or College Thesis Proposals and Class Presentations for Architecture

  • Architectural Discovery and Investigation of Ancient Building Ruins

  • Modular & Shipping Container Homes and similar Structures

Interior Design

This is one specialized field of architecture that targets the design and construction of indoor spaces and other interior environments. Take note of the following scope of work:

  • Interior Architecture and Design (Indoor environments of Skyscrapers, Houses, including Hospitality, Corporate, Religious, Commercial, Institutional, Residential, Arts, Leisure & Entertainment, Industrial, Agricultural, Infrastructure, Educational, Civic, Transport, Military, Government, Exhibition, Convention, Healthcare, Miscellaneous Buildings, and other Habitable Interior Spaces)

  • Interior Design Drawings and Technical Presentations (Perspectives, Floor Plans, Ceiling Plans, Furniture Layout Plans, Wall Elevations, Sections, Schedules, Spot Details, etc.)

  • Renowned and Influential Interior Designers plus their Projects

  • Mood Board Presentations and Proposals

  • Computer-aided Design & Drafting (CAD) Drawings, Still Renderings plus Animated Walkthroughs and Videos for Interiors

  • Scaled and Miniature Models of Interior Design Projects

  • Hand-drawn Interior Design Sketches, Drawings, and Illustrations

  • Lighting Design

  • Materials and Finishes for interior environments

  • Space Programming, Planning, and Design

  • Exhibition and Convention Display Design

  • Production and Set Design for movies and other films

  • Industrial Design (specifically for interiors)

  • Anthropometrics and its relationship to interior spaces

  • Color Selections and Therapy for Interior Design

  • The Standards of Professional Practices for Designers

  • Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF & E) Management and Selections

  • Construction Development and Rough-in Process for Interior Spaces (incorporation of mechanical, electrical, electronics, and plumbing/sanitary utilities)

  • Decoration, Fabrication, and Installation of Event Venues (Indoor & Outdoor)

  • Interior Artworks and Indoor Sculptural Exhibitions

  • University or College Thesis Proposals and Class Presentations for Interior Design

  • Discovery and Investigation of Ancient Ruins of Interior Spaces

  • Technological and Scientific Advancements, Breakthroughs, and Innovations in Interior Design

Furniture Design

This is a highly focused niche of interior design and deals with all the necessary details in designing and crafting furniture pieces and other interior elements that are directly utilized and habituated by people. Some of these include:

  • Furniture Design Concepts and Applications

  • Renowned and Influential Furniture Designers plus their Projects

  • Materials and Finishes for Furniture Design

  • Furniture Drawings and Technical Presentations (Perspectives, Orthographic Views, Isometric Views, Elevations, Sections, Schedules, Close-up Details, etc.)

  • Industrial Design (specifically for furniture)

  • Fabrication Process of Furniture pieces

  • Computer-aided Design & Drafting (CAD) Drawings, Still Renderings plus Animated Walkthroughs and Videos for Furniture

  • Scaled and Miniature Models of Furniture pieces

  • Hand-drawn Furniture Sketches, Drawings, and Illustrations

  • Technological and Scientific Advancements, Breakthroughs, and Innovations in Furniture Design

Urban Design

This covers the planning and design of cities, metropolitan centers, and other urban locations including developed rural areas that require the skills and expertise of an urban planner and designer. These niches would cover:

  • Urban Conceptual Design and Research Studies

  • Town, Municipality, and City Planning

  • Renowned and Influential Urban Planners and Designers plus their Projects

  • Urban Design Drawings and Technical Presentations (Site Development Plans, Master Plans, Floor & Layout Plans, Elevations, Sections, Schedules, Details, etc.)

  • Real Estate and Infrastructure Development

  • Urban Transportation Network, Utility Systems, and Street Planning and Design

  • Public Housing and Community Development

  • Local Building Code Awareness and Implementation

  • Urban Artworks and Exterior Sculptural Exhibitions

Environmental Design

This specific industry concentrates on our natural as well as built surroundings and how they exist in a harmonious relationship with Mother Nature and the various ecosystems of our planet. The relevant fields that would fall under this topic would touch on:

  • Environmental Planning and Design

  • Environmental Design Drawings and Technical Presentations (Site Development Plans, Master Plans, Topographic Maps & Plans, Floor & Layout Plans, Elevations, Sections, Schedules, Details, etc.)

  • Renowned and Influential Environmental Planners and Designers plus their Projects

  • Environmental Impact Systems and Studies (Deals with the direct effects of human activities like building construction, infrastructure process, landmass consumption, vegetation, soil erosion, and property development to the environment)

  • Environmental Sociology (Interaction between built societies to their natural spaces)

  • Environmental Psychology (Covers the relationship between human beings to their built and natural surroundings)

  • Ecological Sciences in relation to the Built Environment

  • Geology in Architecture

  • Landscape Architecture and Design including Garden Projects

  • Biophilic Design and other nature-themed disciplines

  • Sustainability Planning and Green Design


Because we're only human, it's absolutely impossible to achieve perfection! And as much as we wanted to be free from flaws, it's certainly not attainable. The same holds true in the world of digital media! That's the reality so, let's face it!


On the other hand, regardless of being imperfect, we can always achieve outstanding works with the different types of architecture and design content we produce and deliver here. Let the following criteria be your useful framework for the quality of posts we're encouraging everyone to create and publish on the Architecture+Design Community.

Written Publications

There are no fixed rules in choosing which is better - short or long-written content? Again, it greatly depends on the quality of the writing. Does that make sense? But, for the sake of consistency in maintaining our community standards, as well as for our active content creators and contributors who wish to gain bigger points, upvotes, and more reblogs, we'd highly encourage you to create and publish blog posts having our preferred minimum standard of 500 WORDS for English language content or 1,000 WORDS for bilingual content (posts in a different language with the provided English translation) for our long-term benefits.

Photos and Images

A publication is never complete without its visual appeal. It's for this reason that photos and images are extremely important in giving more life to written content. We have no problem with visual elements sourced out from other websites and online locations as long as their references are properly indicated on your publication as links, watermarks, or other types of attributions.

On the other hand, we look forward to seeing and experiencing more photos and images posted and legally owned by our publishing authors. To earn more favorable ratings, we definitely recommend the use of Original Photography, Screenshots, and Pictures to increase your chances of being considered quality content.

Videos and Slideshows

Videos are now one of the hottest and most popular tools of digital media. In fact, some content creators on the Hive prefer this vital format because its content is easier to digest and consume. If you're publishing videos and slideshows in our community, please include written information or a story to make it more attractive to readers.

Podcasts and Audio Files

Additionally, some digital consumers do not have the extra time to read articles or watch videos. Thus, they would prefer listening to sound media while doing something else or while on the go. With today's hectic lifestyle, this is one of the easiest ways to absorb content and learn fast. Hence, if you're planning to publish podcasts in our community, make sure that there's also written content accompanying it for a better user experience.

English Translations for Bilingual Content

The Hive is a global network of people from all walks of life. The number of nationalities that are active on the blockchain is numerous and is increasing daily. To acquire international appeal, we gladly accept and welcome all foreign languages published within our community as long as their English translations are also provided. This would ensure more convenience and wider audience reach for your content.


Connecting with each other is what makes us social as human beings! And because that's a fundamental ingredient for our community's continuous growth, we encourage all our members to explore outside of their shells and interact with each other. Let's break the ice and collect as many fantastic friendships and relationships as we could possibly can. Isn't that the true essence of why we're here on the Hive in the first place? However, as we're still a small group, we've intentionally postponed the creation of our discord channel and would like to use Twitter instead, in the meantime.


There are plenty of Hive content creators who currently live on Twitter, and the figures are increasing every single day. So, why not benefit from one of the largest social media networks, right?

If you have any concerns, questions, or would like to be in touch with us in private, we would be more than happy to converse with you and attend to your community needs. Here are our Twitter accounts:

Twitter account of @aplusd
Twitter account of @storiesoferne
Twitter account of @discoveringarni


We take moral conduct, ethical behavior, and positive values seriously in our Architecture+Design Community! As our tribe consists of people from different beliefs, backgrounds, and cultures, it's our compassionate duty to handle others with care, respect, dignity, and empathy. Especially nowadays, where it's much easier for individuals to freely express their personal opinions compared to some decades ago, the Internet has also become the tragic graveyard where one's valuable reputation could meet its sudden death! We don't want that to happen in our community, do we?


Thus, for a peaceful, harmonious, and smooth-sailing online social platform, let's do our very best in observing and implementing the following legal conditions:

Professional Practice

Anyone with a Hive username and account can publish their architecture and design content in our community. There are no special requirements or prerequisites needed to be part of our tribe. Regardless of your profession, occupation, or status, whether you're an architect, designer, engineer, artist, educator, student, entrepreneur, housewife, etc., we're open to basically anyone who's interested to join in the fun!

However, this is absolutely what we do not tolerate here. We highly discourage people from pretending to be someone they're not! Let's illustrate a clear scenario. If you're a Civil Engineer and are personally practicing professional duties and responsibilities that are supposed to be legally performed by an Architect - this is one major example that's strongly not permitted within our community. The same applies to the other industries, disciplines, and fields of study too. Let's, therefore, respect each other's professions as we further progress on the Hive!

Cyber Bullying

While it's simply not easy to please every single person in our community, we really do not need to! Even if we wanted to initially, it would merely be a waste of time and would result in utter failure, burnout, and frustration. Moreover, the intimidation, aggression, and harassment of other people would only cause trouble, destroy relationships, as well as disturb the peace - certainly a far cry from what we really wanted to pursue here!

So, let's bring out the best in our community by spreading the love while we still can!

Copyright Infringement

We invite all our community members to truly respect the intellectual properties of fellow authors, writers, bloggers, content creators, storytellers, artists, and others who invested their time, talent, and treasure in crafting their original content. Unless we have their willing permission, we do not possess the right and freedom to copy their creative works. Plagiarism and the violation of copyright laws have legal implications and may be escalated to court. Hence, let's stick to originality as much as possible because that's the perfect essence of genuine creativity.


Wow, this has been a long article indeed! And if you will, let's not call this a blog post but rather, let's look at this collection of words as a dedicated letter of love from the both of us to you - our community of architecture and design enthusiasts! We believe we've already said everything we wanted to say here yet, if you think we've missed some important points, please feel free to write down your thoughts in the comments section. We'd be more than happy to address your concerns and bring them up on the Hive and our tribe for the most valuable experience and the ultimate benefit of everyone!


Organizing an online community is obviously not an easy task! We've only just begun, and what an excellent start it was! However, we still have a long voyage ahead of us, filled with countless obstacles that challenge our commitment to thrive for excellence. Rest assured, we'll eventually live up to our community's core purpose, and successfully transform our world into a much better place. We can do this!

Long live the #Hive!


Architect & Cofounder
Architect & Cofounder

APLUSD CALL TO ACTION 08.jpgThe Architecture+Design Community is an Active Member of the OCD Communities Incubation Program.


😮 I haven't read everything yet (I just skimmed through it, I'll comeback later), but I'm already in awe of the possible contents of this community. The potential is massive! Good job @storiesoferne and @discoveringarni!

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It's our pleasure to have you in our community Kim! We appreciate your sincere support and help in growing our tribe to what it is today! Stay awesome! 😀

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I'm glad I could be of any help.

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That's a very broad classification of the subjects, By the way that introduction was very professional, assuring us to be in a very responsive community. I am glad I found this community on Hive which suits my field of interests.
Rest assured the guidelines will be followed and shall continue creating creative spaces here. Thanks @discoveringarni and @storiesoferni for the continuous support. Cheers! :)

We're truly happy you found a home in our community @sahiba-rana! We're also excited to see more of your creative works being published, as we're here to help you shine even brighter! Have fun!

     Hello @aplusd - Hello community @Architecture+Design - @discoveringarni - @storiesoferne I greet you with respect and affection from Venezuela. I ask God for many blessings for you, for your loved ones, and for the great family of this extraordinary community in the world @hive Thank you for posting these guidelines that are very helpful to us. Congratulations and God give you a lot of health and many years of life.

Hola @aplusd - Hola comunidad @Architecture+Design - @discoveringarni - @storiesoferne Les saludo con respeto y cariño desde Venezuela. Pido a Dios muchas bendiciones para ustedes, para sus seres queridos y para la gran familia de esta extraordinaria comunidad del mundo @hive Gracias por publicar estas pautas que son muy útiles para nosotros. Felicitaciones y que Dios les de mucha salud y muchos años de vida.

Thank you so much for your kind words @marcosmilano71! We're also grateful for your valuable and active participation, engagement, and contribution to our community! Warm greetings and more blessings to you! 😀

After reading I found out how vast architecture is. I learned a lot today, thank you @storiesoferne and @discoveringarni I just found a place where I can share my thoughts on architecture. A warm welcome to new subscribers, cheers!

Hello @afterglow! You're always welcome in our community! Feel free to share all your awesome architecture and design content with us! Cheers!

May I present architectural monuments in my country, to introduce to the whole world, if allowed please support me so that I can develop.

Certainly! Please go ahead and share the architectural treasures from your country! We’ll be happy to welcome you with your interesting content here in the Architecture+Design Community!

Ok brother I will show you later.

MyMy brother, I have posted please see, if it's wrong please correct it.

Great post, and thank you for sharing it with us in the community! If you could increase the number of words to more than 500 words in your next publication, we’d appreciate that! Cheers!

Thank you sir, I will follow your instructions, thank you for your guidance .. For the next post I will visit the historical meseum in the Dutch era ..

Thanks for the welcome. I am excited to be a part of the community and share my love of art, architecture and photography!

With pleasure always @sjarvie5! Feel at home in our community!

Super excited to have stumbled upon this community tonight. Awesome community with well outlined vision. Glad to become a member of the Community.

Btw, I was once an aspiring architect who now finds himself becoming and Electrical Engineer 😁

We’re glad you found us @k-banti! Have an enjoyable time in our community, and we look forward to your participation.

I had pending comment on this post, sorry!. What motivating words that make us proud to belong to this beautiful community. I too believe that we can change the world into a better place for all of us and the generations to come. I congratulate @storiesoferne and @discoveringarni for undertaking this project that promises so much. I already understand the meaning of that first photo, it was when it all started, it was left for history, that beautiful story that will have a long way to go. Long Live the #Hive. Best Regards!

Thank you so much @xandra79 for your kind words! It’s a great pleasure to have you in our community and we’re definitely delighted in experiencing your awesome content. And yes, it’s all about transforming our world into a better place and together, we can make it happen!

Yes, we can!. I have always thought that true failure is to stop trying. Thank you for your motivating words.

May this community always flourish, The diversified field of subjects will definitely grow our knowledge and eager to read all the amazing content in future. All the best @storiesoferni and @discoveringarni.
Happy to be part of community shall continue with related content.😀😀

Thanks a lot @praditya for your kind words! Rest assured, our community will live happily ever after!