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Hello everyone,
If you read my previous blog about my long trip to watch Coldplay's concert in Singapore, you should also know about this. a recommendation for a place to eat that you can enjoy when you have a long transit at KLIA2 airport. I think everyone will need this information, let me know if you read this and it works for you.

So, during my journey to Singapore it was quite long, because direct flight tickets to Singapore were very expensive, so, as a big consideration, in the end I had to transit at KLIA2 to continue my journey to Johor Bahru and then use the bus to downtown Singapore. Even though the journey seems very long, it is not as long as you think, it is not complicated but it takes a lot of time to enjoy it.

My Flight To Singapore

Flights to Singapore are actually quite good, because you can arrive directly at Changi airport and it is a very luxurious airport and offers many extraordinary attractions. However, Changi is currently very busy because almost all flights are filled with Indonesians who have to go to Singapore to watch coldplay. So, I have to be just a little patient.

Waiting for the next flight, I enjoyed KLIA2 by walking and walking around the airport slowly. Nearly 13 hours at the airport, I enjoyed it by reading a book and stopping by several restaurants there. In my opinion, I can spend my time very freely, carefree and can enjoy the airport with this mall feel very well.


What A Beautiful Hidden Gem Budget Restaurant WIth A View

One thing I know, at this airport, there are lots of restaurants that you can enjoy, but of course price is a major problem. Airports are relatively expensive for backpackers with a limited travel budget. I suggest you try one of the restaurants or food courts in KLIA2 to spend time waiting for your next flight without feeling guilty and spending a lot of money, but the food tastes very good and you can see unusual views.





Located in one corner of KLIA1 on level 3 departure floor KLIA2, one of the merchants owned by Nomnom Brands SDN BHD. In my opinion, this is a cheap food court and has a large space for anyone who wants to enjoy food here. In fact, I think you can be very free to do anything without time limits, without feeling guilty and complete with lots of facilities. The place is quite good for resting and enjoying your long time. I can even sleep in one corner by reading a book and see planes flying above the clouds from here.


Full Furnish Design








There are lots of food stalls, Korean, Thai, Malay food and many more. So, even though this restaurant looks very fancy, the food is cheap and delicious. Not just like an ordinary food court, this place is designed very beautifully with an interesting concept. Full of brick red color and stone texture on the table. Explains a concept that is attractive and luxurious, modern and of course very comfortable because it doesn't shine too high from the lights but still makes customers comfortable inside.




The spacious place is very visible and is aimed at people who need this place to wait, whether it's waiting for the next flight or relatives who are waiting to be picked up. Its works for you guys, if you have to transit at KLIA2. In particular, this airport is a fairly large airport for Air Asia flights, which is often used as the number one aircraft on flights to Southeast Asia.

The whole design makes me comfortable, 5 hours of waiting while reading and playing here really doesn't feel like it. I like butter coffee and peanut butter toast from the Malaysian food stall. I think you should try it if you stop by here.

Do you think this place is very interesting or not?! Comment below!

See you the next time hive friends!

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Thanks, for your post. 👍🐝

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Hi @aswita, Wow, such glorious restaurant you have been nearest the airport. Interior architecture designs of here really fabulous and delightful. Hanging lights enhances shine of inside. Absolutely stunning place.

At night the view is very beautiful with lots of lights. I used to see lots of planes with lights. its so beautiful.

It is without a doubt a beautiful place! the design is very elegant, a good place to hang out.

Elegant with the design, its true! so comfy and i can see the plane every minutes :D

Really it is amazing Airport... Love rhe architecture of the restaurant... thankyou for taking us with you to have virtual view of the airport...

KLIA2 so amazing, bigger, so I often get lost😆

Kinda comfy place..

Many people choose to go to fancier restaurants.

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