Staycation in Danang 💙

Hi Hive Friends,

How have you been? It's been busy for me these days with a new project. There is nothing to complain about... and even more than that, I feel very lucky that these days I still have work to do while many people lost their job or work has been affected or lost temporarily or permanently. Today is Saturday here and I allowed myself to take a break at my friend's hotel. At first, I must say it's not because it belongs to my friend that I keep promoting it for her, but it's really a cool industry concept hotel that I recommend to experience once you visit Vietnam. Let's have a look in small details together,

The hotel that I am writing about is Bridges Danang. It's inspired by all the significant bridges around Danang, the owner aims to bring all stunning symbols of the city in one and show them to travelers around the world while they stay at the hotel.

Signature Bridges

Located near Son Tra beach, the hotel rooms are almost facing the ocean, in the morning when you wake up, you can hear the ocean breezes while enjoying the gorgeous sunrise.


Each room has its own character, mixing of brick, steel, and wood, all elements using mainly in factories, now using inside the hotel but not cold (or you can say hard) style at all, still very cozy and comfortable. I love the bed ever, the mattress is the best comfort that I've ever had.
Bridges Danang-Room 903-1.jpg

901 resize.jpg
Bridges Danang-Room 901-Bathroom.jpg

I love their bathroom, no bathtub, and jacuzzi but clean and eco-friendly use amenities. Everything is well organized and enough to use. It gives me feelings of love and respect for each item they put on there.

Bridges Danang-Room 901-Bathroom2.jpg

On the second floor, there is a co-living room full of functions including a kitchen with high-end equipment for your own purposes, entertainment corner with many games that you can freely use. The table and chair are quite comfortable for working and having drinks together. They even have a printing and photocopy machine that I can order when needed. As a digital nomad person, it's a perfect staycation place for me. Sometimes they have outside visitors coming and working here as there is a coffee station on the ground floor.



In style from in to outside, there are many funky decors that you will never see at any hotels, they hung up bicycles and make a trail along the wall (such hard work) and even have a cyclo outside for check-in photos :)


The hotel is a very interesting place, with a good design, suitable for business and holidays. With a cool drink at the Deck Bar, amazing views of the high door, many greens, and open views to the office and the kitchen, I feel very welcomed. The rooms are dedicated to several wall picturesque bridges over the bed, which is very comfortable. You can enjoy the beverage, just 5 minutes walk from the hotel, by bicycle to explore the city. Seafood and vegetarian or Vietnamese food are available in many cafés and restaurants nearby. The reception team supports you with everything you need, including activities, directions, tickets, and even they do extra miles for personal help if needed. It’s a much better experience than any big-name commercial hotel.


Oh!! This Is amazing

Thank you for stopping by. Hope to see you in Danang

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Yes very nice here. Looking forward to seeing you one day in Danang 🤗

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Thank you for your advice. We well noted that and happy weekend 🤗

yes one day i will be in danang

What a spectacular hotel @babeltrips! I simply admire how they designed the guest rooms with different architectural themes focusing on the remarkable bridges of Danang. Do you have any idea who the architect or interior designer of your friend's hotel is?

Thank you very much @storiesoferne. That's is a special concept and you will love it while staying there. The owner actually did that with her team, you can check here:

Oh great. Thanks so much for the information. And yes, I’ll definitely enjoy an awesome time in that hotel. Cheers!

You are always welcome and have a great week ahead 😊

You too, have a wonderful week ahead. 😊

Wow, what a staycation. I must say I am impressed with the interior of the hotel that you've checked in. It must be so comfortable sleeping on those beds.

Yes, definitely worth spending. Let me know when you are around Danang, Vietnam, then I can link you up and get the best care ^^

Let me know when you are around Danang, Vietnam, then I can link you up and get the best care ^^

Thank you. I'll keep that in mind.

Well it now on my list of places to stay so thank you for sharing and I have to see that bridge- it looks so freakin awesoem with the hands holding it!

I though out Webb Bridge (which some people call fishbone bridge..) is awesome but that looks stunning! and in B&W here

Nice rooms in the hotel too. I like the open plan, fresh timber look (not the gray bathrooms though...) I am violently allergic to gray...😬, otherwise it looks like a great place to stay!

Thanks for sharing.

Good morning @chocolatescorpi, thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, I would love to see you one day around Vietnam :)

Thank you @babeltrips Me too! MEeeeee too! 😃

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Yeah, you are always welcome here ^^

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This is one spectacular hotel @babeltrips just the style I like I know where I am staying when I visit Vietnam :)

Ah yessss then let's meet there 🥳

I will definitely PM you if coming out that way. Thanks @babeltrips 😊 Have a great weekend.

yes, I definitely help you to get the best room with seaview ;) Have a great weekend ^^ are to nice @babeltrips and hope your having a nice weekend :)