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Singapore government announced partial lock down for 1 month. The strict safe measures to be carried out with terms, work from home is default for employees able to do so, and dining is not allowed for all the restaurants and food courts, and only take away and delivery services are allowed.

It has been quite some time the office staffs to start working from home since last year. Therefore, the current strict safe measure is not much impacted to the office staffs and who able to work from home. But there are many food courts and hawker canters’ business are affected due to no dining are allowed.

Last weekend, I had visited a lively place in Singapore, China Town, for purchasing something. China Town is usually crowded in the weekends, but I found it was quiet and less crowded in last weekend.

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After reaching the China Town from MRT station towards Pagoda Street, I saw the statue of Red Bandana Workers which made me to recall back the old time coolies from China who travelled to Nanyang region to work and earn money to send back to their families in China. It is quite significant and historical statue for Nanyang region.

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The architecture design of the shop lot buildings in China Town is more on Colonial style. There are conserved and preserved in a proper way by building upgrading programme from authorities.

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The regular painting works for touching out with modern and colourful painting and also added artistic value for the shop lots buildings in China Town. There are excellent and significant as there are preserved the existing colonial building design and upgraded by the modern and colourful painting.

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The colonial building views from Pagoda Streets towards Temple Street could be the hot spot for photographers.

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Continue my journey, I reached a splendid building, which’s called Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum. The Traditional Chinese architecture style with mostly red color scheme of design concept is very impressed. Red colour bring good luck and happiness meaning in Chinese Belief.

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Many stalls and kiosks are closed due to bad economy during the pandemic. After walked through the temple, I reached the biggest open food street in China Town. I was looking for my favourite Chao Kueh Tiew but it was temporary closed during the strict safe measure with no dining, less people are visited to these places.

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The modern roof shelter structures mixed with the existing colonial style of architecture buildings design is creating the identity of the place to the food street.

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Because of the closing of many kiosks and food stalls along the streets, I went to another the biggest food court in China Town. I saw all the seating with tables are blocked by the ribbons tied it properly. The eaters are not be allowed to dine in. Only take away and food delivery services is allowed, there are definitely less crowded compared to previous time. I believe the business of hawker center are affected and they mostly applied for government grants to help them during the hard time.

Thanks for your reading.

Hope you stay safe and healthy. Have a nice week ahead! :)


The pandemic has brought many of my favorite small shops and vendors to their knees, out of business. It is so sad to see someone's livelihood taken away from them like this. How heartbreaking.

I love Chinatown in Singapore! I love Chinatown almost anywhere and it seems like most big cities have one. We have one here in Washington, DC and it is really nice, but, it is amazing in Singapore~ The historical aspect of the architecture in the Colonial period is splendid! You captured such nice shots of it and your explanations were wonderful! Thank you so much for taking us there, educating us on the area, and for the wonderful pictures! I love all of them!

I appreciate all the work you put into making #MarketFriday a success! It is heartwarming to have the love and support given to a tag you are trying to grow into something. You have made it fun to visit your post and each different person adds a unique touch to their posts. Your little piece of this world, and, people are interested in expanding their culture. This challenge opens up my world, and, I hope yours too. to me and so many others. Thank you again. I hope you have a most wonderful day! Hive on!!

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Thank you @dswigle for dropping by.
It is critical and hard for government to set the best measures for managing the pandemic in between public health and economy. Hopefully the vaccination is speeding up to achieve herd immunity soon. If not, more and more variants will be grown and really hard to stop the pandemic.
Yes, China Town is a unique place, and also one of the main tourist attraction in Singapore.
THANK YOU DEAR. Stay safe and enjoy your day! :))

 last year (edited) 

Oh yes Cherry, how could I forget Chinatown in Singapore? I had some memorable experiences there some years ago with its distinctive built environments but most especially with the delicious food. My favorite meal, by the way, is your famous Singaporean noodles (hot and spicy) and I'd do anything to savor that dish again! haha. 😁

The current pandemic has certainly changed how spaces operate nowadays. I do hope that like the vaccines of the healthcare industry, architecture and design will also be doing their massive share in implementing its innovative solutions for a viral crisis like this. Thank you for this great publication @cherryng, and happy weekend!

Hi Erne, thank you for dropping by. I was busy projects last few days until didn't got time to HIVE.
Oh yes the Singapore noodles (hot and spicy) you means is it laksa? Chao Kueh Tiew in China Town street here also a popular one.
Yes, agreed with you. It will be more innovative design solution to be proposed and implemented for post pandemic architecture and landscape works.
Thank you Erne. Wish you have a great day! :))

Thank you Cherry, and have a lovely week ahead of you! 😀

Hello Cherry, I miss the hawker stations and the amazing food there. I had fond memories during a visit to Singapore many years ago. I remember the vibrant China Town. I'll have to keep Chao Kueh Tiew in mind in case we happen to travel one day. Have a nice week to you too!

Thank you Arni. I'm glad that you been Sg China Town before, and enjoyed the food there.
Ya, hopefully the pandemic is over soon, we can travel oversea for holiday again.
Thank you, enjoy your day and stay safe.

It must be super hard for small kiosk keepers and hawkers to run their business during things are locked down. I really liked the modern roof shelter.
Keep sharing your experiences, take care and stay safe!

Thank you @praditya for commenting.
Yes, hard to survive for kiosks and hawker business. Most of them applied govt grants to overcome in this hard time.
Stay safe and healthy. THANK YOU!:)

Indeed lockdown has bought many changes and people suffering due to places being shut. But this place shows the magical colonial style of architecture and it's fusion with modern roof as you said makes this place architecturally attractive.
Hope everything settles down for good. Be safe and healthy!

Thank you @sahiba-rana for dropping by.
Yes, lockdown is bad for economy, but good for controlling the pandemic from spreading widen. It is very hard and critical for government to carry out the best measures in between public health and economy.
Let's pray for the pandemic will be ending soon, so everybody can back to normal life.
Stay safe and THANK YOU DEAR! Have a nice day!

I really hope and prays this pandemic gets over soon and we should all resume back to normal life like it used to be.
Wishing you great health @cherryng

Yes. Thank you my dear. Stay safe and healthy always @sahiba-rana😊

The lockdown has resulted in numerous changes and individuals suffering as a result of businesses being closed. It must be extremely difficult for tiny kiosk owners and hawkers to conduct business while things are shut down. On the other hand, the stalls looks great and contemporary. !PIZZA



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Thank you @juecoree for commenting.
Yes, the new built is more modern and contemporary which mixed with existing colonial style building, added the unique of the place.
Stay safe and have a nice day. THANK YOU @juecoree.

Oh, interesting city. The city hace buildings a lot?

 last year  

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