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Hello Hive!
How are you getting on? Hopefully you always doing well wherever you are.

My last trip (under VTL, Vaccinated Travel Lane) to Kuala Lumpur, my cousin in Malaysia brought me to a stylish café which is located at Jalan Sultan, Kuala Lumpur.

The restaurant was very distinctive and unique as the whole restaurant seems like using the original of the old shop lot interior, they didn’t complete the renovation as per usual, and used the existing wooden doors and windows to add character to the restaurant interior design. This restaurant called MINGLE CAFÉ.

Today let me introduce you this restaurant regarding the environment, interior design and also the food there.

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The main entrance of café was decorated and planted with some green pots, some were hanging and some were planted on ground. The greenery plants was cooling and soften the main entrance of café.

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The tropical planting selection such as Plumeria rubra, Tecoma stans, Lantana camara, Sanserviera trifasciata were planted clustery at main entrance. The plants grown bit chaotic and wildly which’s creating the unique and stylishness to the café.

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On top of the signboard were fixed with stainless steel planters for placing the potted plants especially climbers, Cissus nodosa was planted drooping down from the planters.

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The entry of restaurant has the QR code for scanning the attendance of customers due to Covid-19 safety measurement. After entering the café, I saw the crossbeam were exposing out without covered by the ceiling finishes.

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There were many light fitting hanged over the existing crossbeams to bright up the whole interior of restaurant. Air-conditional pipes were exposing together with some other piping system on top of restaurant.

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The wooden doors and windows fixed as partition for separating the kitchen and dining spaces which was characteristic. I like the brick walls of the restaurant as it brought the sense of nostalgic to the old time architectural design.

Let’s see what we had ordered:
I ordered the Spaghetti Pomodoro. It cost about RM24.00. The tomato sauce stirred with bailing mushrooms and garlic, and the added olive oil made the spaghetti quite appetizing.

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My cousin ordered Nasi Ulam Ayam Percik, Rendang Grilled Chicken with Blue Flower Rice. It cost about RM27.00. The added side dishes included shredded coconut salad vege, salted egg, crispy prawn crackers and sambal chili.

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The portion was quite big, actually can share in between adult and child. My relative can’t finish the whole set especially the grilled chicken, he gave another piece to his friend who accompanied us to visit the restaurant.

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The last dish I ordered was Vegan Buddha Vege Salad. It cost about RM18.00. For me, it is tastier meal I tried in this restaurant. The veggie all fresh with the salad sauce which I didn’t know what the secret recipe to make the salad became very yummy, good matching to eat with the cookies.

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Overall food price for this restaurant was quite high compared to other restaurants.

But it is not only the food choices or pricing, the interior design and environment also are the key factors for attracting people to enter the restaurants to enjoy the food.

Thanks for reading!


Hey @cherryng what a lively place. It seems amazing and after covid since everything is slowly getting back to normal is heart-warming to witness such amazing café flourishing with people.
Take care and keep sharing.

Thank you @praditya for dropping by.
Yes, I think all of us are excited to see the condition getting stable and gradually back to normal.
Your comments and support means a lots to me and I will definitely keep sharing!
Wishing you stay safe wherever you are and your family :)))

Hello dear friend Cherry. Mingle Cafe - such a beautiful name for a restaurant! With that establishment's incredible title, interior design, and natural decors, I'm surely ready to interact not only with the customers there but also with the delicious food, artificial objects, and living organisms that adorn that space. With all these elements present in one location, it's definitely a splendid atmosphere to dine, converse, and chill out.

Aside from the plants, what other architectural details impressed you the most and why?

Thank you Erne for dropping by.
Usually the cafes and restaurants opened in well renovated by finishes and well painted condition. but this cafe using the original condition by added some elements such as hanging lights, wooden timber doors and windows partitions, (with incomplete renovation condition) making unique and stylishness of interior

Oh yes, the creative combination of the old and the new. Mixing nostalgic elements with the more recent applications of modern interior design would add an interesting flair to a restaurant space. Surely it must have been a complete experience for you, interconnecting nature, food, and of course architecture. Take care dear friend. Have a wonderful weekend! 😊

My jaw dropped when I saw this view, I love it very much. With that being said, the cafe is indeed stylish and unique. By the way, I love the food too!

Thank you @afterglow for dropping by. Yes, it is an unique cafe with nice food. Although the food there was a bit costly, but the interior design and environment is more attractive and worthy to visit.

You're welcome (^_^)

What a trendy place this is. I actually love the Warehouse look with the exposed beams, antique-looking brick walls, wooden doors, and window frames is brilliant. They have them downtown here in Washington, DC, and New York City that I love to visit. It is usually about the decor than the food, although the food is usually good, (and abundant!) most times a bit overpriced (in my opinion) However, I love the Mingle name! :) Quite relevant, yes? :))

The entrance is unique and really quite fun. I love all the different plants growing down and up and across. I bet it smells beautiful! What a fun place to go to, Cherry! I am glad you got to get away! Thank you for being a part of #MarketFriday! I cannot tell you how pleased I am to see so many participating every week. I have learned so much about the different cultures of the world, especially the small things that go unnoticed except by those looking for it. Life is interesting, wherever you are, whatever you are doing.

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Thank you my dear Denise. I am so happy your dropping by.
It is my pleasure you like the cafe interior which has many components to add strong characteristic of cafe to attract more customers to visit.
Yes, agreed with your point that "Mingle" this name is quite relevant to their interior design..haha..:)))
Always LOVE and SUPPORT #MarketFriday and @dswigle :))) THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I want to thank you so much for being a part of it it! I think that it brings the world closer together when we become familiar with each other and all the elements of their lives. I hope you have a most wonderful day!

I want to thank you so much for being a part of it it! I think that it brings the world closer together when we become familiar with each other and all the elements of their lives. I hope you have a most wonderful day!

Looks so cosy and inviting. The beautiful colours and unique decor. 😎

Love this style very much! Great to see the re0use of existing materials and recycling and reclaiming of various elements. Very effective for a cool cafe!

Thank you @seancallow dropping by. Yes, the cafe interior is cool and good for chill up.
Wish you have a nice week ahead🌼🌺🌻🌹🌸

I really love how the inside is actually design. I just can not describe how much I love for the organizing of the foods. I mean it was amazing to make this style of recipe. I truly appreciate the maker.

Thank you @mich.brmey for dropping by.
I am glad that you like this cafe interior and food as well. Wish you have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy you day!🌺🌼🌻🌸🌹

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Thank you @apunawu. It is my pleasure you like it.
Have a nice weekend😊